Les Roches Bloggers Share What They Love Most about the Holidays

22 Dec 2016 | by Les Roches


In honor of the “most wonderful time of the year,” our Les Roches bloggers have shared a few of their favorite things about the holidays. Read on to get into the holiday spirit — and leave a comment below to tell us how you celebrate the holidays!

O Christmas Tree

The tree farm in Frankfurt, Germany gives the opportunity to choose and cut your own evergreens, ensuring peak freshness as well as the perfect shape and size. A fresh tree offers much more than an unmistakable spicy scent, especially if you and your family cut your own.

This holiday tradition is also a great opportunity to get out and enjoy the countryside — something most of us don’t find time for these days.


Lisa Westrich

Les Roches Alumna

Reuniting with faraway friends 

Coming from a small city in France, all my friends went away to study, and Christmas is the only time of the year when everybody comes home at the same dates. It is my favorite time of the year because I get to see all my family and all my friends in a short amount of time. Our little tradition is to all meet the day we come back at the local coffee shop, where they make amazing cappuccino and hot chocolate, and then catch up and plan for parties to not be too tired (hungover) with the family the day after! Home is where the heart is and I think so does Christmas!

Chocolate tradition

Mathilde Marie

Les Roches Alumna

Christmas markets and holiday cheer

Each year the Sports & Events Department organizes a trip to the famous Christmas market in Montreux. We provide free transport, making it very easy to visit this magical event before most of our students departing back home. Christmas markets are perfect for getting into a warm atmosphere during these cold days and preparing for great memories with family on Christmas day itself. Wishing you all great holidays and an amazing year ahead.

Montreux bei Nacht

Tom Van der Meij

Sports & Events Coordinator

Les Roches Switzerland

Let it snow

In my home city of Vancouver, Canada we only get snow a few times a decade. This year we have had just a sliver of snow on the ground, barely 20 centimeters. It has been the talk of the city, with most people freaking out and not being prepared. Schools are closed, shops are closed, car accidents are up, all because us Western Canadians don’t know how to handle a bit of slush. At least we get a magical and wonderful white Christmas this year!

MadisonMussio_picture2 MadisonMussio_picture

Madisson Musio

Les Roches BBA Student

Les Roches


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