Stuart Jauncey Managing Director Les Roches

Les Roches appoints Stuart Jauncey as new Managing Director

20 Dec 2017 | by Les Roches


Stuart Jauncey Managing Director Les Roches

Les Roches Bluche is pleased to welcome Stuart Jauncey as its new Managing Director. Stuart brings a wealth of hospitality and academic experience to our school, having spent the past ten years working as Dean of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) in Dubai. He spoke to us about his experience and his excitement at joining Les Roches.

Stuart began his journey into hospitality through his father. “He used to travel a lot for work, and he would take us with him during the school holidays,” he said.

I simply loved being in and around hotels, and when I was 13 I persuaded the General Manager of a local hotel to let me work a few hours each week.

This led to Stuart’s first official role, working in a Royal Palace hotel as a junior footman, cleaning silver, laying tables and polishing shoes. “The hours were long, but the experience was excellent,” Stuart said. “The Palace teach you to adhere to very high and exact standards.”

Stuart gained international experience through working as an Operations Manager at the Amir of Kuwait’s Palace. He feels working with different cultures is essential to being successful, whether in hospitality or education. “Nearly 10 per cent of the world’s working population now works in our industry, coming from many different cultures and countries,” he said. “To be culturally aware and intelligent is a vital competence, and essential for an effective management career.”

After completing his Master’s degree at the University of Surrey, Stuart began teaching.

I never intended to be an academic, but once I started I found I really enjoyed the interaction with students,” Stuart said. “My industry background provided so many stories that I could use to illustrate and explain theories.

He continued teaching, working for the Tourism Education Body and GMIT, both located in Ireland.

In 2006, Stuart returned to the Middle East to take up his role at EAHM. “When I was asked, it was small, but it had big ambitions to be recognised as one of the world’s leading hotel schools,” Stuart said. “I joined in 2007 and we spent the next ten years measuring and improving faculty, student and staff satisfaction, and benchmarking the curriculum against other schools.” The hard work paid off, and last year EAHM was recognised as one of the top 10 hotel schools in the world.

However, when the opportunity arose to join Les Roches, Stuart couldn’t say no.

Imagine how thrilled I was to have the opportunity to lead one of the oldest and most highly-respected schools in the world,

Stuart said. “It’s an absolute pleasure and privilege to have arrived here. I look forward to learning about this wonderful school and the Les Roches way of life.”

Stuart believes students should study at Les Roches for a variety of reasons. “It superbly prepares them for excellent careers,” he said. “At the same time focuses on the student experience – building lifelong friends through having fun. It’s not just an education, it really is a way of life.”

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