Les Roches Alumni Reunion

14 Oct 2013 | by katharina


The Les Roches Alumni Reunion brings a smile to my face…not only am I happy because my job was successfully completed, but even more because of the memories we will all keep of this event. It was a weekend where no matter what happened, the people involved weere laughing and smiling.

Most of our alumni arrived for lunch on Friday. At first, no one (including myself), was sure how the reunion would go because we were planning on being a smaller more intimate group than last time. Yet already in good spirits, I found our Alumni roaming the lobby and very shortly after they were gathered around a table drinking coffee, reminiscing about the good old days at Les Roches.

Time flew by that afternoon, and before we knew it, it was time for the dining cocktail. The current teachers were also invited to join for this event. As the mojitios were flowing, so were the different conversations that lit up the room. A group of people that had not seen each other in years or had never met prior to this event, came together and in a short of amount of time were close enough to truly enjoy the evening. Teachers came by that everyone already knew, such as Bertrand Crettol, of course the famous Mr. Dominique Stoeckli, and many more. For those who didn’t know each other, by the end of the evening they did for sure!

After the cocktail everyone went to the Sports Bar where they were able to meet some current students. When that was done, the next step was to visit Le Pub and then you can only imagine how the rest of the night turned out. Before I said good-bye, everyone promised me that no matter what time they went home, they would be on time for the 10 am morning hike the next day.

I felt so honored when the next morning slowly but surely they all were on the bus, to go hiking. There were some complaints at the start, some who stopped right away (to wait for the car), some who decided to run up the mountain instead, and some who jumped onto the top of car when it drove by (see photo). No matter how, everyone got up and within an hour we all made it to La Buvette de Pepinet before the rain started to pour. As this crowd was such a blast, no rain could ruin the mood. Instead we had tents, blankets and delicious Swiss food with great conversation.

After (for some of us) a walk home in the rain, everyone was able to go home, shower and nap. During this time Matthieu Mioche (visit his blog) and I had to finish final preparations for the Saturday evening dinner. I was hoping to have a good hour or two to prepare myself, but ended up with about 30 minutes. What do they say, beauty can’t be created, but rather it should be embraced?

That evening, it was the turn of the Alumni and our VIP’s (past teachers) to be invited. It wonderful seeing the faces behind the names I have always heard about: Mr. Bider, Mr. Berry, Mr. Clivaz and the two Clivaz sisters Beatrice and Marie Christine. Such an honor to have all these special guests come to our Alumni Reunion.

Dinner was spectacular: a four-course meal with wine pairings. Our PGD students did an excellent job preparing and serving for our guests. After dinner some good-byes were said to those who were leaving early the next morning. The rest went over to the Sports Bar and then back up to see the mountains. Little did we know that cabs stopped at midnight in Crans-Montana.

For the Sunday morning Barbecue most everyone was extremely tired but once again they could not stop smiling and talking about how fun the weekend had been. At 4 pm I took the last Alumni to the train station in Sierre, and it’s funny how quickly I felt the silence when everyone was gone.

It was an experience I appreciated more than I ever could have imagined.
A bunch of random people came together all with one thing in common: being a Les Roches Alumni, an experience no one can forget.

I want to thank you all for a wonderful weekend; I can’t wait to have you and our other Alumni back on campus for the next reunion!

Make sure to visit the Les Roches Alumni Facebook Page to see more photos of this event.





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