Sports Activity and Lausanne Marathon

8 Nov 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


Besides the general academic activities in Les Roches, we also have the Sports and Activities Department which is always inviting and encouraging students to attend to basketball or volleyball games, badminton, tennis, trekking, Yoga lessons, or any other seasonal sports and activities. During these past months, a lot of these activities have taken place and any student can become a member of these sport teams. In the winter time, other activities such as skiing and snowboarding are encouraged by this department as they are a must-try while studying at Les Roches!

During the last month, students were encouraged to take part in the annual Marathon in Lausanne that took place this past weekend.  Here, not only the students but also faculty of Les Roches did a great performance representing Les Roches as well! The marathon was organized to give runners the best conditions. To make a path for the marathon, streets were closed to vehicles from the lakeside in Lausanne, through the green hillsides of the city, making it easy for runners to stay focused on the race. This annual event gathers participants from everywhere. It’s a race for everyone, from professionals to amateurs. Every runner matters and everyone gets a medal!

Congratulations to all of you who went there! Keep it up!

Here there is a compilation of some pictures from this day,  a special thanks to Janet Ling for providing these to me.

Pamela Calvas


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