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19 Jan 2015 | by Les Roches


If you missed out on the 2014 Summer Program, why not sign up to our next one?  This time round, choose between Les Roches Marbella (19th-25th July 2015) and Les Roches Switzerland (26th July- 1st August). Or do both!

Who buys a pair of jeans without trying them on first? No-one, really. And who takes a university degree without trying it out first? Well, erm, probably most of us. But if you stop and think about it, it’s not a great idea to invest at least three and a half years of your life in something you know so little about.

Les Roches Summer School is an opportunity to try out hospitality before signing up for a full degree.

We believe that Les Roches degrees in hospitality are not for everyone. Not everyone has the passion, drive, sense of adventure and openness to experience and explore the world that is such an integral part of Les Roches learning experience.

That is why these programs are such a good idea. A kind of ‘buy before you try’ experience.

Our first Summer School took Gruye¦Çre 1place from the 20-26 July 2014. It brought together students from Lebanon, Portugal, England, Korea, Germany, Thailand, and Greece who had heard about the program through friends, family and study fairs.

The students got to learn the basics of a number of key hospitality areas: service, housekeeping, wine and food pairing and mixology – the art of creating killer cocktails.

They played the Hotel Entrepreneur’s game and got a flavour of the ‘spirit of Les Roches’, particularly when the regular degree-program students arrived and filled the corridors with a lot of friendly laughter and chat.


Mr Milon, Service teacher with more than 47 years of experience in hospitality and 12 years of teaching at Les Roches, gave the Summer Program students the mixology lesson.

Wherever they end up (we are sure they’ll be coming back for a degree at Les Roches!) how amazing is it for them to already know their spirits from their liquors? To know when they should be served? To know how to use the right glasses and shakers to prepare cocktails and to know what sharking, building and steering all mean?

Les Roches Switzerland Summer Program (6)

Of course, at Les Roches we never just learn by listening or watching. We learn by doing. And our students got to put their knowledge into practice by preparing the cocktails themselves. These included Gin Fish, Mojito, Dry Martini, Scotch Old Fashioned and Caipiroska.

But could they down the cocktails themselves? No! Most of the students were under 18 and so unable to drink.

Well, technically, they are allowed to drink in Switzerland – just not purchase – and so, they were each allowed to have a little sip through a straw.

They weren’t that impressed – particularly with the more bitter ones. Perhaps that’s a good thing at this stage.


Mr Mauricio Sinigallia gave the Practical Introduction to Service session.

During this class, the students learnt how to fold napkins in different, creative ways.

They learnt how to peel, carve and plate the fruit in front of guests without using their fingers; how to serve a banquet table following the synchronized service method; and how to open and serve a bottle of wine.



It wasn’t all work though. Students were taken on outings to the Gruyère cheese factory and Cailler chocolate factory, to the Alimentarium Food Museum and the Hotel Guarda Golf for a gala meal.

So, one week this summer went by quickly for our Summer Program students and two of them liked it so much, they have made the life-changing decision to come back, one on the Global Degree program and the other on the diploma program at Les Roches Marbella, converting to the BBA program at Les Roches Switzerland.

They won’t regret it! We look forward to welcoming them here very soon.

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