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20 Nov 2013 | by Danila Teterin


One year ago I underwent a serious change in my life. Being accepted into one of the leading hotel management schools in the world helped me to open myself up. I had some previous experience of studying at another university in my home city, and so I had some idea of what to expect from Les Roches, but in the end the experience completely surpassed my expectations.

Due to the fact that I am a bit older than my fellow class-mates I can’t wait until I finally face the open world and can work in the industry, in which I always dreamed of working. And Les Roches gives me this chance with the internships and practical duties on campus as well.


But what I really wanted to introduce to my readers, is the experience which I have gained outside the program.  This experience is nothing to do with the compulsory practical duties and not included in the compulsory program. Every single student in Les Roches has a chance to get involved in any kind of activity outside the study plan, which looks good on a CV as well.

If you are creative, dynamic and responsible and don’t like staying in just in one place and following a set program, then you can introduce yourself to a lot of other activities.

And on that note, I would like to introduce the extra-curricular activities at Les Roches.  At Les Roches School of Hotel Management we have a saying: “Les Roches is not just a school, it’s a way of life!” Once you are at the school, it is obvious, but for outsiders who have not yet visited, it can be quite hard to understand.


We are students, serving students. If anyone sees himself or herself as an event organizer, feel free to apply to join the Student Social Committee, where the members of this committee are in charge of every single event happening on campus and sometimes off campus as well. Are you good at organizing the F&B part of an event? Do you see yourself as a part of a purchasing department in the future? If so, the F&B manager position is for you, and you can explore all the relevant responsibilities even before you graduate.

Are you good in finance? We have a finance manager and assistant positions, available for people with a passion in this area.  In fact, head of security, PR manager, photographer, head of SSC, and any other position you can think of – all these spots are filled every semester. If you were unlucky and forgot to apply, you can always do it next semester.


So, moving on. You can also apply for the Student Ambassador Program, where every semester seventeen students are chosen to represent the whole school. Therefore, a student ambassador has the chance to meet visitors and prospective students, to give interviews and share their own opinions about Les Roches and the development of the industry, to help the marketing team of Les Roches in creating new brochures, editing the web-site and much more. Here we say: “Once a Les Roches ambassador, you are an ambassador for life,” because this is deeper than just participating in activities of this program; once you are in, you simply do not want to get out.


Going further, if a student does not participate in the previously mentioned activities, or for some reason was not chosen, for sure this is not a reason to give up. Just having your own idea, just being creative, is already enough to start your own program, to start your own club at Les Roches. This year, the idea of opening a Les Roches Wine Club came from a group of students including myself and was completely supported by the school.

This wine club is not just a social gathering once a week, this is a group of people who are passionate about wine and who will create their own Les Roches wine, organize trips to the wineries and host dinners with food & wine pairing. We are planning a lot, and have created five more committee positions for which students can apply. These are: club treasurer, trip manager, PR manager and their assistants.
And Les Roches experience does not end here.


I would finally like to present some of the different sports that we have on our campus. Les Roches has teams in basketball, soccer, rugby and other sports and we compete against other Swiss Schools. In fact, we have enjoyed significant success, which shows the unity of our big family.

Beyond standard sports, there were also enough students for the school to organize Zumba-fitness, kickboxing and even yoga. During summer, early autumn and spring time – the swimming pool is warm enough to swim in. Due to the large number of students interested in water sports, even in bad weather, we are able to rent a bus and an indoor swimming pool outside of campus, for students to practice their sport in any weather. Volleyball, croquet, badminton, just gym and even Frisbee are organised for Les Roches students. And if you can’t find the right sport for you or you want to do something more specific, you can always find like-minded people and organize it yourself.

We never rest on our laurels. We keep looking for talent and ideas so that Les Roches experience can keep on growing and growing.


Danila Teterin


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