career connections at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland

It’s all about career connections

8 Mar 2016 | by Les Roches


Career Connections. This term expresses a feeling of woe, pity and inhibition for young adults. However, I prefer to combine it with a question:

Can you be too young to make career connections?

When I came to Les Roches, the last thought on my post-high school mind was pursing career connections. I strived for a career advancement, but did not understand the need for making connections. I wanted to study and learn about my future industry not have to drag myself to unappealing events.

The thought of networking produced images of uncomfortable banter where one brags about oneself or listens to someone else boast about his achievements

I viewed the prospect of such an interaction not very appealing, dull and frankly, boring. However, when I came to Les Roches, my  perception quickly changed. Here, students make valuable career connections every day with a smile and a chat. At Les Roches, you keep your friends close, but unintentionally keep your connections closer.

As past of the Les Roches community, I found that it was not uncommon for alumni to reach the top of their career fields. Coming here, that did not shock me. This came as no surprise to me. However, what did shock me was that these graduates were out of school for less than a decade. This got me thinking: if someone who graduated five years ago, and is currently a top recruiter for a major hotel cooperation, what does that mean for their previous classmates? Could they help their classmates with job placements in the company?

More importantly, are these connections actually leveraged? I was stunned to find out that no-one really knew.

Of course, I am not suggesting that people should call up their old classmates to see if they can advance their career, but it is an inresting thought.

To think someone in your accounting course could be Chief Financial Officer at Hilton in a short decade is an encouraging revelation. Therefore, I say attending classes is the way to work on career connections, not schmoozing events.

career connections at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland

During our time at Les Roches, I do not think of my classmates as future industry leaders. I think of them as my colleagues, all here for one common goal: advancing careers. That is where I think lies the beauty about Les Roches. You come expecting to learn and leave with an abundant of international connections and, of course, a great group of friends.

career connections at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland


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