Why getting involved in campus activities matters more than you think

23 Jul 2019 | by Les Roches


“Saying ‘yes’ makes a big difference and comes with tremendous advantages as a student at Les Roches.” Student Ambassador and final year BBA student, John Isaac Nooranal,shares how on-campus activities have shaped his career path, and reveals his top tips to find the right clubs and societies for you.


 I got myself involved in a number of activities in my last semester at Les Roches, including WOWExpo (the World of Wines Expo), Future of Hospitality Summit, Music Committee and Graduation Committee to name a few. Why so many activities, and especially, in my last semester, one would ask?

Well to answer that: before I really kick start in the hospitality industry, this would be the last time I get the chance to participate in school activities, and I for one, would not want to regret missing out on any of the fun!


A campus full of experiences

Taking the leading role in logistics for several events, I consider it as an internship itself that gives me experience in different roles that I may not have the time to focus on in the future. It helps me know exactly what I want to do. 


I think of it the various campus activities as an experience in the hospitality industry. They have helped me grow, and I use a few necessary steps to personally pick my preferred events from the bucket of societies. The steps to think of go as follows:


‘Guest’ (semesters one – three)

Attend the events as an individual who is not part of the organizing team and just enjoy it. If it gives you the thrills, start thinking of ways you could probably join the team for the next semester. 


‘Line staff’ (semesters three – six)

Apply to the teams, and once you get in, learn from your committee department heads on how they work and get the basic experience to run events or organize the various tasks. 


‘Manager or General Manager’ (semesters six – seven)

Ask yourself if this is something you would continue to enjoy doing. Would you have the time and the drive to make the event the best possible one with the capacity you have, by using the resources given by the committee or school?

Buy it for the experience, not the title

With my personal experience of running events at school, I feel that Les Roches management does what it takes to encourage students to get involved in clubs and committees. They have a newly appointed Events Coordinator that is part of the Student Affairs office, along with the various helpful Deans of Departments that promote ideas that could turn into investments which could help in future events.  

I personally feel that getting involved in clubs and societies just to make your portfolio look good would not really help you develop your skills, but rather waste your time. You have to “Buy it for the experience, not the title”. 

John Isaac Nooranal, BBA7 student


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