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28 May 2013 | by Guest Author


Hi everyone! My name is Camila, I am 20 years old and just finished my third semester at Les Roches last December. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, but I have been travelling and moving around most of my life. I am currently in China, completing my third and final internship, and would love to take this opportunity to share with you my experiences in this foreign country.

This is my “shifu” (Master in Chinese) and I at work.

In September, I applied and was accepted as a Front Office intern at Grand Hyatt Shanghai. I remember how happy I was when I accepted the offer, as I had always wanted to live and work in Asia! I had been to Shanghai before and I thought I knew almost everything there was to know about China. Little did I know, there was a lot more to learn about the country, the people and their culture.                                                                                 

The first day I arrived, I was very confused and more than anything, jet lagged. After what seemed like an eternal 14-hour flight, I arrived to the Pudong International Airport and was received by a hotel ambassador who drove me to the hotel. I arrived at the hotel, was greeted and was checked-in by the Front Office manager, and then escorted to my room on the 58th floor! I was amazed by everything I saw and

instantly knew that I had chosen the right place for my last internship.

During the first week, I spent most of my time with the training department, getting familiar with the hotel, the staff and the other interns. We are a total of six interns all coming from Swiss hospitality schools, with the exception of one from Australia. As foreigners in this strange country, we all instantly bonded and became close friends.

Working in the clouds

The view from one of the rooms on the 70th floor.

Due to my previous experience in Front Office, I am working at the Grand Club Lounge on the 83rd floor. The Grand Club is almost like a mini hotel within the 555-room hotel I work in. Work is challenging, but this incredible city really makes up for any hard times that come along. There is so much to do either in Shanghai or in cities close by that it’s sometimes even challenging to choose what to do on my days off!

The view from “The Bund” on the other side of the river. (My hotel is the third tallest one on the right side!)

Now that I’m closer to finishing both my internship and my studies, I can happily say this has been the best experience yet. Soon I’ll be going back to school to finish my studies, but after that who knows where I’ll be next!

Here I am with my roommate and some friends we made on weekend trip to some rice terraces in the south of China.

Camila Ramirez Gonzalez
Les Roches Student Blog

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