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Never Fear the Internship: A Positive Attitude Can Take You Anywhere

21 Nov 2016 | by Les Roches


Today I want to talk about a topic that every Les Roches student experiences (and some students fear): the transition from school to internship. Going to another city, or even country, for an internship is definitely an adventure! Studying in a beautiful place like Les Roches feels very comfortable, especially because you constantly have people to support you, and you can find everything at your fingertips. Going on your first internship will most likely not be like this. Many more responsibilities are headed your way — and many more adventures.

For many, including myself, the first internship is the first work experience you will have in your life, so it is definitely something that makes us a little anxious! Going from school to work can seem a little overwhelming, but it is important to remember that you are still a student and the internship is meant for you to learn. On the other hand, being on internship feels great; it is a great way to learn and become more responsible, and at the same time enjoy wherever you are in the world! It is very important to have an open mind when you start an internship, as things may not always be as you expect.

In my personal experience, my first internship was a little hard for me at the beginning. I went to Italy, and I was not sure what to expect. The support I received from the hotel was not as I imagined, and I honestly felt a little lost. After some time passed, and I continued to keep an open mind and positive attitude, everything got better. When your coworkers see you have a positive attitude and motivation, they will treat you much better and with much more respect. After my six months were over, I had experienced the best time of my life and met friends that will last a lifetime. Now, during my second internship in Thailand, I was very positively surprised. I felt very welcomed by everyone, and cannot complain about one single thing in the three months since I’ve arrived!

Being on internship is definitely fun, especially after you have made new friends and adapted to a new culture. For some it might be hard to go back to school, and for others it might be a relief! My advice is: wherever you go, go with an open mind and remember that this is just temporary. If you are not very happy with your current situation, don’t worry because it will end soon. If you are very happy and having the time of your life, enjoy it to the fullest as it will also finish soon.


(Picture of me with some of my colleagues during my first internship in Italy)

Les Roches


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