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My internship experience with a luxury ski resort: Johan Friberg

30 Apr 2018 | by Les Roches


Our latest series of YouTube videos have visited our students as they complete amazing internships. The opening episode followed Johan Friberg, a BBA Global Hospitality Management student from Sweden, as he completed his internship at The Alpina Gstaad hotel. He spoke to us about securing internships and the benefits of industry experience.

How did you secure an internship with The Alpina Gstaad?

“For my second internship, I was more focused in terms of where I wanted to work. I only sent out a few applications, with The Alpina Gstaad getting back to me. After being sent the contract, I had help from Les Roches’ Careers department to ensure everything was in line with the requirements issued by the school.”

Did Les Roches give you the preparation you needed? And has this internship helped you get ready for full-time employment?

“Les Roches gave me a broad picture on how hospitality operations work. It has also given me an understanding of how different cultures can successfully work together. Les Roches has great connections with the hospitality industry.

“Getting to learn and work in a real-life environment prior to the end of my studies has given me a better understanding of what I should be aiming for after graduation. It’s allowed me to be more certain and apply for positions which could suit me better.”

What was your role during your internship?

”I worked as a Sales and Marketing Trainee. I got to organise press visits, create promotional material, manage the hotel’s social media and host site inspections – all in one day.”

What tips would you give to someone looking for a successful placement?

“The key to a successful internship is to find a position where you are guided and mentored to constantly improve. After all, it is meant to be a learning curve. Find yourself a leader who wants to help you grow.”

Want to see what our students get up to while on internships? Go to our YouTube channel to see more videos.

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