Les Roches International School of Hotel Management students create their own beer label

How I was inspired to create the label design for Les Roches beer

7 Jul 2014 | by Les Roches


Ashwin Shetty, postgraduate student, was crowned winner of the competition to design labels for Les Roches blonde and brunette beer. Amazing what you get up to on your degree in hospitality management!

L3ET: blonde beer

Les Roches ‘Way of Life’ motto is definitely motivating. It’s true as well, as it brings together people from various parts of the world under one roof and imparts excellence. It grooms us not just to be the best students possible, but also to be great individuals. So this is how the name L3ET (Leet) popped up, signifying energy, passion and action.

The 3, misconstrued as an E, corresponds to the alternative English alphabet used in gaming code on the internet. I came across it a lot during my gaming days…

So, the drink induces passion and action, skilfully tingling your taste buds. The color red was appropriate as a design element as it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action, just as the drink does. It isn’t meant to be overanalysed, just meant to be a drink that epitomises the way to live, stay cool, be full of life and positive.

VOID: brunette beer

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management students create their own beer label

Beer, dating back to early times B.C. is an ancient drink which definitely needed some inspiration to design a label for.

Raw, vibrant and serene are the qualities that would best define beer. Every sip infuses you with an unbounded freshness.
Thus came to my mind the term ‘Void’, a state of emptiness that’s waiting to be filled up.

My father taught me that an open mind is clear and can be extremely creative. The void state of mind is what he calls it, especially while sipping a drink. A mind that’s free of stress, simply indulging in every bubble that rises up.
The colors used in my design were also influenced by the raw nature surrounding us here in Bluche, the vibrancy of the students and the serene ambience at Les Roches.

Void is also a state that blends colors and greys, a camouflage of creativity, just like life at Les Roches.

First we made our own wine, now we are creating labels for our beer.  What should we create next?  Chocolates? Stationery? A clothing range? Should it be something useful, or just a bit of fun?  Let us know your thoughts…

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