Les Roches students create a human map of the world

16 Oct 2013 | by Les Roches


Taking hotel and event management courses is not all work, work, work

After setting the Guinness World Record for the largest number of nationalities in a swimming pool at any one time, one year on, the students of Les Roches took up a new challenge.

On September 14, nearly 300 students gathered on the Bluche campus to create a gigantic world map, visible from the air.

The event was coordinated by Guillaume Reymond, world-renowned, Franco-Swiss video artist. Reymond has had 27 million hits on YouTube for his creations, such as the human logo of the Swiss radio station Couleur3, and the animated HESAV Tower.

The event itself took several hours. The artist choreographed the 300 students, taking pictures at regular intervals from a height of 15 meters. Pieced together, the series of 800 images depicts an impressive, gigantic world map in motion.

It was quite a challenge, according to Guillaume Reymond of NOTsoNOISY: “This artistic performance required enormous logistical and human dexterity. The entire operation was mapped out in advance but there were no rehearsals. We gathered together and directed over 300 people, and took over 1000 digital pictures. The conception, planning, and post-production took nearly a month of work.”

The event was much more than a fun, creative way for the Les Roches students to spend the afternoon. The creation speaks to the heart of what Les Roches itself stands for.

According to Sonia Tatar, CEO of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management: “As an international hotel management school which is truly global and innovative, we wanted to join efforts with this visionary artist to demonstrate the extent of our cultural diversity through this unique artistic creation. Les Roches has campuses in Switzerland, Spain, China, and Jordan; with 98% of its students coming from countries other than these – from literally all over the world – this video is the epitome of Les Roches. Our students are explorers and risk-takers; they thrive on new challenges, and this performance was one of those challenges.”

Les Roches is the first international hotel management school to have realized an artistic endeavor of this magnitude. Visit us at wearelesroches.com to learn more about the project.

For more information on how Les Roches can help you have a brilliant global career in hospitality, visit www.lesroches.edu

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