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How to celebrate Christmas abroad

23 Dec 2015 | by Olivia Collins


Are you on internship at the moment or somewhere far away from home for the Christmas break? Student blogger Olivia offers some tips about enjoying the holidays, while being away from home and family.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, holidays should be celebrated. And they can. It can be as simple as gathering your loved ones, best friends or entire grade in one place. Going for dinner at a restaurant, ordering local food in your room or renting a villa for a celebration – it is all possible. It’s not just social media nowadays, but the range and ease of international shopping that has made it so much easier to bring “home” to you, wherever you are.

Everything Online

No time for Christmas present shopping? It is so easy these days, as you are able to do it all online. No time to wrap the presents? Just press the “wrap my presents” button. Need a turkey? How many kilos and at what exact time would you like to have it delivered? Your grandmother´s cookies? Just ship the box with priority mail.

I even made my own Christmas tree by following a five minutes YouTube tutorial and folding green paper. It seems that being away from home becomes easier and easier. Of course you cannot get your family shipped to you in a box, but with a package of your favourite sweets next to you while you’re skyping with them? Well, then you’re getting pretty close!

An opportunity to volunteer

Besides spending the holidays at home or abroad, there is also the opportunity to help individuals who are less fortunate. Through organizations such as the Winter Wishes, you can donate a present to someone who cannot afford this luxury. It is as easy as visiting their website, buying a gift online and allowing yourself to bring a smile on the face of a stranger. This way, you can spread the Christmas cheer around. For people who have less time to spare, you can always donate and so still contribute to a better tomorrow!

In the end, it does not matter where you are in the world but Christmas (or any other holiday around this time of the year) can and should be celebrated by you and anyone around you!

Just make sure that you do your (online) shopping on time, otherwise you might end up doing a whole lot of stress eating of cookies, chocolates and any other deliciousness.

Olivia Collins


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