From IT to hospitality – A postgraduate career changer

26 Feb 2015 | by Les Roches


Gautham Ramakrishnan, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management postgraduate studentGautham Ramakrishnan is taking the postgraduate diploma in hospitality management at Les Roches, and has a bachelor degree in IT engineering.

In an interview originally with Switzer Hospitality, he talks about his motivation, life at Les Roches, and his vision for his career after graduation.

  • What made you pursue an education in Hospitality Management and go through that career change?

My family has always been in the hospitality business. My grandfather started his own business in a very small way and we expanded into restaurants and hotels. I have always been fascinated by computers and technology and so I planned to get into the hospitality business after gaining an IT degree.

In fact hospitality has many facets; one can have a different background such as me and still use IT knowledge for hospitality matters, since everything is about technology now.

  • Why did you choose Les Roches?

My cousin and I researched the best hospitality schools in Switzerland. My cousin chose Les Roches and is currently studying there. I also knew a Les Roches alumnus which led me to meet the counselors at the India Admissions & Counseling Office.

The internationality at Les Roches attracted me and I was really amazed about how the students applied theory to practice. Additionally I found the location very attractive since it is right in the middle of Europe, making an extensive list of locations accessible.

  • How would you describe Les Roches in 3 words?

Only these words come to me: “Amazing” and “Way of life”….indeed I have learnt a different way to think, a different way to see and a new way to do things.

  • How do you find the academic programs at Les Roches?

It is really like a package program we are doing; a BBA in less time. Every detail you see at the school is part of the academic program (practice, organization) and the environment contributes too!

It also has great challenges such as group projects because you get to work in a team of international people with their own unique ways but eventually you get along. In my class there are a lot of people coming from other industries such as fashion with very different backgrounds, but once you get around those differences, the projects becomes easier and more creative.

  • What are you planning to do after graduation?

I plan to work abroad for few years and gain valuable work experience and knowledge. After that, I am planning to return to India with my cousins who are studying hospitality and business management in Switzerland and Australia respectively.

  • Are there any drawbacks of studying in Switzerland? Such as the accommodation, student life, etc…

Not really. It is a good place to live especially because everything is on site and it is beautiful to live there. Of course you have opportunities to travel around and enjoy the nature of Switzerland. The only advice I can record and that students from abroad should know is that when traveling in a French speaking area, it is advisable to learn basic French vocabulary, as it makes life much easier.

  • What advice would you give students considering a course at Les Roches?

It is a good option, you have to be more mentally prepared than physically, it is a different world and it is worth it. The contacts you make are for life.

I would just add that, for those who are considering a career change the PGD program is a good option. It is a good place to enter the hospitality industry by the front door and a passport to many destinations.

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