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Here’s How You Can Make Money When You’re On the Road

19 Sep 2017 | by Les Roches


digital nomad
Going traveling is a great idea, as it broadens your horizons and helps you make friends for life. However, it’s expensive. You can save up before you go, but that can still sometimes not be enough. Here are some ways you can money while you’re on the road, and fund your adventures easily.

Sell Your Photography

If you’re going somewhere picturesque, then you’re likely going to be taking photos anyway. Why not turn those photos into cash? There are lots of sites out there that are looking for stock photography, as they sell to bloggers and other websites that need those photos. Look around for a site you can sell to, and you can make a little extra spending money.

Write and Edit CVs

Are you the person who everyone comes to when they need their resume written? If you have the knack for creating good resumes, then there are people out there who will pay for that skill. Sites like CV Writing will put people in touch with writers who can create good resumes for them. Sign up for these services if this sounds like a good way of making money to you.

Give Tours

If you’re in a location for a while, you can actually give tours to others. Your services are especially useful as an English speaker. If you know the area well, or have at least done your research, this can be a good option for you. Look around for agencies that are hiring, and you can make some cash while you’re still in the area.

Become an Editor

“The great thing about editing is that you can do it anywhere,” says editor Darren Hanes from UK Top Writers. “I started editing when I was traveling after graduation, and it became a full time career for me. Even if you only want a side gig, it’s well worth looking into. If you’ve got a good eye for detail, then try signing up with some agencies. Writers always need people to edit their writing.”

Create Travel Videos

Creating videos of your travels, or vlogging, can make you some cash if you’re savvy. The trick is to update often, and monetize your videos. Create good quality content that people will want to see. This includes travel tips, or top places to visit in your destination. If you’re comfortable on camera you can easily do this just from your phone.

Evaluate Websites

There are lots of services out there that evaluate web sites for users. In an age where a site can be untrustworthy, people need to know what to expect before they use it. That’s where you come in. You can evaluate websites for cash, and all you need is your laptop.

Become A Courier

If you’re going on a road trip, this is something you can do with ease. There are lots of apps and services now that will hire you to pick up and drop off deliveries. If the destination is on your route anyway, pick the job up and make some gas money while you’re doing it.

Tutor Students

This is a job you can either do face-to-face or online if you travel. If you sell your services while you travel, you can help tutor students in English. It’s a skill that’s in high demand, so take advantage of it. If you choose to tutor online, you can tutor students in any subject that you’re an expert in.

Work at Hostels

Accommodation can be a big cost when you’re traveling, but you can offset it. Take a look at the hostels in the area that will trade you a few nights’ board if you work for them. You can save a lot of cash if you’re willing to do this.

Use these tips to make yourself some extra cash when you’re on the road. They’re not difficult to do, and that money can come in handy while you’re traveling.


Written by Mary Walton
Mary Walton is an editor and online tutor, she is a blogger on her blog – Simple Grad, read one of her posts here: Resume Professional Writers Review

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