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“ Why the heck do I want to know how to make a bed? I want to start my own business”

14 Nov 2014 | by Guest Author


A friend of mine, who owns a three star hotel and is also the Hotel Manager, had to go more than once to make the room because some room attendants called in sick and the other ones could not finish the work on time. He and his wife (who is his personal assistant) went to make the rooms. Why did they have to do that? You can try to find reasons, and I found some:

1. The hotel manager should be the number one expert for all the departments, including housekeeping. Being a hotel manager you should lead by example to all the departments and this means that you should know how things work and should be done in your hotel.  When you enter a Vacant and Ready room, you should identify easily and quickly that the room was cleaned properly following the performance standards of the property.  In case a room needs to be clean and you do not have other options than you do it by yourself, you should know the standards of procedures to follow to clean the room on time.

2. The guest cannot wait. When you sell a room night you are creating an expectation to the guest about their future experience in your hotel and you will have to fulfil this expectation. When the guests arrive to the hotel, normally they want to go as soon as possible to the room to leave their luggage, to use the facilities, to relax or they are looking forward to see in person the room they saw in a photo of in a website.  It means that the rooms have to be ready before the guest arrives, and if some of your staff are absent and you are the only human resource available, it is not the guest`s fault, so go and make it!

3. Cleanliness is the first reason why the guests go back to a hotel.  Some research suggests that the Cleanliness/Appearance is the most important factor in the guest`s decision to return to a hotel/motel, and this could increase the probabilities to create regular guests and loyal customers.

Your core business is selling rooms. There are several factors why your guests come and stay in your hotel, but the factor that characterizes your business will be a good night`s sleep.  Also in most of the lodging establishments the rooms’ revenue is the main one.

Javier del Sol, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management instructorJavier del Sol
Lecturer in Revenue Management and Rooms Division Management
Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Guest Author


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