So, what happens after graduation?

25 Jul 2014 | by Spencer Ong


Spencer Ong, recent MBA graduate in hospitality management with finance, reflects one last time on his MBA experience at Les Roches.

Over the past year, Les Roches has provided me with a variety of memorable experiences – a great education, an amazing network of people, and an enhanced passion for the hotel industry.

To the professors who were part of the MBA journey, thank you for making Les Roches a truly wonderful experience. Whether you helped reiterate what was learned and forgotten in the past, or brought to mind new trends and ideas that were not carefully considered, you challenged us in a way that will benefit our future decision-making processes.

While every professor deserves a moment of mention, I would like to personally thank Franc Avila for his sincere dedication toward helping myself and his other dissertation students. When he first approached us, he said, 

If you put in 100%, I will devote myself 200%. If you put 1000%, I will be there unconditionally.

This is a quote that stuck with me, as it is the mindset I also intend to carry throughout my responsibilities.

Reflecting on the past year, I am grateful for having taken the course of higher education through Les Roches. In addition to being ranked among the top hotel schools in the world, the repetition of small differences between the professors’ teaching styles created a solid foundation for a smooth transition into our careers. Hopefully it will help pave a path for a not-so-cumbersome job search, too.

Dependent upon the jobs we look for and the salaries we desire, establishing a career in the hospitality industry is achievable. But I’m personally going to branch out a bit first, as I am confident in my abilities to be an asset to any organization.

Realistically, though, the hotel industry has a highly competitive environment, including a vast number of people who are capable of excelling in what they do. Therefore, even with an MBA in Hospitality Management with Finance, it is important that I do not feel entitled to a dream position. Instead, I will seek a commonsensical career with confidence in being the right fit for the job, as well as being able to get the job done correctly.

That said, I wish all my classmates and other Les Rochians the best success in their future endeavors. I hope we will keep in touch and be proud alumni who are there for each other when we travel the world and as we rise to the top.


Spencer Ong


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