Seven great things to do on the weekend if you’re studying at Les Roches Switzerland

7 May 2019 | by editor


Student Ambassador from the USA Sarah Dils presents her handy cut-out-and-keep guide to some of the best downtime options for Les Roches students.

It’s usually a common question for new students when they arrive in Bluche. What to do on the weekends other than going up to Crans-Montana to ski or putting on a couple kilos eating fondue?

I know this because I had the exact same question when I moved here from Hawaii and had no idea how to approach life 1,300 meters up on a mountain. Lucky for you I figured it out; so if you want to know what to do on the weekends just keep reading:

1. Zerodix

If you are anything like me and you like the idea of skiing, but have no clue how to actually ski, this a great option. Zerodix is an after ski party in Crans-Montana, filled with skiers who are fresh from the slopes and people like me who just want to have a good time. The evening starts off with food, rosé, and some good music. Later, the whole place becomes packed with people dancing to live music. I love coming here on the weekend to unwind with my friends and enjoy the really fun musicians playing the drums.

2. Spa Day.

Everyone I’ve ever met appreciates a good spa; and luckily the area we are in is full of nice ones. After a hard week of school, activities, clubs and IP ((check – what is IP in this context?)) it is certainly well deserved to treat yourself to a little pampering. My favorite spa is LeCrans, which is in Crans-Montana overlooking the valley. It is especially nice in winter, with an outdoor heated pool surrounded with snow. Inside there is a sauna and several other pools to relax in. A more affordable option is Art de Vivre also in Crans-Montana. This spa is great because it has an outdoor hot tub and a cabin sauna overlooking the mountains. If you are on campus I strongly recommend checking it out.

3. Geneva Auto Show.

I know this doesn’t happen every weekend, but I can’t help but mention what a cool event it is. If you love cars this is the place to be, and even if you don’t know a lot about cars I recommend at least seeing what it has to offer. Who knows, you might find your future car there?

4. Ski walk to Chetzeron.

Even if you don’t ski it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the slopes. All you need to do is put on your snow boots and take the cable cars to the top of Cry d’Er. From here you can walk down to Chetzeron, a five-star hotel overlooking the slopes, for some good food and a chance to catch a couple rays.


5. Day trip to Zurich.

We are so lucky in Switzerland to be so close to everything. Zurich, for instance, is only a couple hours’ drive north to the German side of Switzerland. I love coming here to get foods like sushi that are harder to get on the mountain. One spot I love for sushi in Zurich is Negishi Sushi Bar. It has amazing sushi and a unique bamboo-themed ambiance. Zurich is also great for walking around and shopping!

6. Weekend getaway with friends.

A fun weekend for me is going away with close friends to a nearby city or chalet to enjoy time together. One of my favorite weekend getaways was to Megève, where we ate tons of good food and even went sledging.

7. Cow spotting & drives.

OK, I’m aware this isn’t a normal activity(!) but I love animals, so for me this is a real activity. We are blessed here to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. Switzerland is known for its famous cows and I love going with friends and driving among all the snow covered trees and seeing horses, cows and sheep. I feel like I’m often going out and looking for them for a reminder of what we are blessed to be surrounded by.


Sarah Dils, BBA4 Student Ambassador

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