Getting around Les Roches and meeting new people !

12 Aug 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


PGD1These past few days have been really wonderful.  Finally, I was able to meet my classmates from PGD 1! We did the check in as PGD students last week and we felt very welcomed by the school staff and the PGD2 students (PGD second semester students). They had prepared several documents that came in handy for everyone with useful information. They were open to our questions and doubts and really put interest into telling us more about the way of life in Les Roches.

I think we all enjoyed the first days during the introduction week getting to know each other in our class and making new friends. As the time goes by, I think I am getting to know more and more people from the school and from so many countries. There is a cultural diversity which is quite noticeable as you walk in campus and the best thing is that everyone seems to be getting along very well in spite of the difference in languages and cultures.

classThere is something important that I need to highlight about the programs in Les Roches, and I would not have been able to value this if I had not heard other students’ outlook on their schedule during the first days. My sister for example, she is in HO1 (first year) and in the beginning she was a bit confused because of the new environment and the mix of the practical and theoretical lessons, and honestly I couldn’t understand much either. But I finally realized that the practical hours either in service or stewarding that students in HO1 have to complete (which by the way for some of the students might seem too exhausting in the beginning), have been designed so that students can easily get the real meaning of team work. During these shifts, the students can get to know their classmates better since they have to cooperate with them all the time.  The fact that the students can live these real situations right away is outstanding; it helps us to see ourselves involved in this industry in the future so we can understand the operations in these areas.

I really like my class in PGD1 and I think we are getting along pretty well. The learning experience of being in such an international environment has to deal a lot with socializing too, and the PGD2 students welcomed all of the new PGD1s during the weekend with a welcome party at the local bar, Le Pub, in Montana. We really felt welcomed by them and the time they used to even prepare a video for us, it was very nice, check it out:

I am attaching a few pictures of some of the PGD2 welcoming us, the facilities around Les Roches, the pool is nice and the views from the mountains are really cool, there is another picture of inside the funicular that goes from Sierre to Montana and stops in Bluche. And my friend from Egypt asked me to write more about Egyptians in the school but I think we have to have a little chat so I know what to write! Anyways I am posting this other picture so he knows I will write about it too eventually 😉

Pamela Calvas


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