From Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo and Bluche: Summer ushers in a new chapter

2 Aug 2016 | by Mikhail Merican


It has been more than a month since I returned to Bluche following my summer break. However, during this break, I embarked on an interesting journey to another world. Allow me to share this experience with you all.

Upon arriving back home at Kuala Lumpur, I was already thinking about what to do during the break because unlike my colleagues who start their internships early in June, I would only start mine in July. So I thought, why not travel more instead of staying home? Of course I missed plenty of things about home, like the food and my family (not to mention hating the city traffic of Kuala Lumpur), yet my mind was still back in Bluche. I decided with my family to travel to the Far East. We all need a break every now and then.

Les Roches students summerIMG_2168

Tokyo, Japan: The land of the rising sun was the highlight of my break. I spent eight days in this amazing city. But, to put it short, it was really hot in the city of Tokyo. The summer heat caught me by surprise, and with no rain, I can see why there is a vending machine at every corner in Tokyo. I really embraced the culture there (including walking around in a traditional Yukata for a few hours), especially the people and the food. The world does revolve around food after all.

One of the days in Tokyo, I managed to meet up with my fellow BBA2 classmates. They had started their internships there already, and we spent the night in the center of Tokyo.

Les Roches students summerIMG_2201

I am truly amazed at how Japanese people can be so responsible about keeping their city clean. Most amazingly, there were no public trash cans! So how do they do it? Ryota san explained that the culture was to carry whatever waste you had until you reached home or the office (or a “lucky” Family Mart).

Tokyo Disneyland was an awesome time because it was just my younger sister and me. You really allow your inner child to come out in this place. Walt Disney does indeed share the magic with everyone. Obviously who wouldn’t go for the classic Disney smoked turkey leg and churros. (More food.)

Les Roches students summer in Tokyo Disneyland

Being a Malaysian, it was the festive season back home, and so my family and I decided to celebrate “Hari Raya” (Eid Mubarak) in the streets of Tokyo as well! Locals were wondering what kind of outfits we had on and were actually asking about it.

Les Roches students summerIMG_2608



Towards the end of my break back home in Kuala Lumpur, I actually couldn’t wait to return to Bluche in all its summerness. It’s a new chapter for me as I start my internship at Les Roches itself as a stagier.

To sum it up, I wish every Les Rochian out there a safe and prosperous internship, and to those returning to lovely little Bluche, good luck in the 2016.2 semester! God Bless you all.

Mikhail Merican


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