Football !!

10 Mar 2011 | by Whitney


This past weekend a few of us went to a football match and for a few hours immersed ourselves fully in Swiss football culture.

The match was between the Zurich Grasshopper Club and the FC Sion team at the Sion Stadium on Saturday the 26th of February.

There was singing and shouting and cheering for a solid 2 hours. But of course it went on after the match as well. Even though we could not understand a word of what the fans were singing we went along with it and sang as well.

My friends and I were on the Zurich side supporting GCZ and after the match we found out that we had some other Les Roches students supporting Sion so now there is some friendly rivalry in the halls at school. Needless to say Sion won 2 to 0, but this is not the end as there is another match in Zurich coming up.



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