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9 Oct 2014 | by Guest Author


Follow Me is a unique way for prospective students to understand what it really means to study at Les Roches. Anyone thinking about doing a bachelor degree in hospitality or a postgraduate degree in hospitality would be well advised to join the Follow Me program for a day. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with students, attend classes and workshops and get a feel for daily life in Bluche.

Leandros Pempos is a Les Roches graduate and one of the main organizers of the Follow Me program for this semester. Here he writes about his experience leading the first Follow Me of the semester:

“On 25th of September, 2014, I had the pleasure to welcome a young lady from Italy to Les Roches Bluche who was interested in studying our Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) program.

It was a lovely sunny day in Bluche and the visitor was immediately amazed by the location of the campus, and was excited about the day ahead. I gave her a warm welcome and we met with one of our tour guides, as well as two Les Roches student ambassadors, Sandra Wang from Taiwan and Giovanni Odaglia from Italy. We had a coffee together and our visitor had the chance to interact with Sandra who is a PGD student.

After the coffee, we started our campus tour with Giovanni joining us to give a student’s perspective. Giovanni is really passionate about the school and his program and was able to provide the visitor with important information regarding life on campus and student activities.

After the tour, we had lunch together in the Market Place, one of the main restaurants on campus. The food was excellent and the prospective student had the chance to interact with various teachers and staff, helping her to understand the feeling that makes up the ‘Les Roches way of life’ that we talk about so often.

The next step of our wonderful day was a digital marketing workshop with Base7Booking. Base7Booking is a PMS (property management system) created by hoteliers for hoteliers, and they came to Les Roches to give a digital workshop for students. It was a great opportunity for our visitor to see such a great presentation in action. She took an active role in a role-play game with other students and she really enjoyed it, being impressed by the fact that students were so open and welcoming towards her.

The last stop of the day was the class of Dr. Diamantis (MBA Program Manager). I have a great relationship with Dr. Diamantis, so I was able to give a little speech before the beginning of the class and introduce the visitor to the class. We were very lucky to actively participate in the questions and see the various presentations of other MBA students throughout the lesson.

During the break time, Dr. Diamantis had a small conversation with the prospective student and explained to her about the program in detail.

After the end of a successful and interesting day, I dropped the guest off at Sierre train station, so she could catch her train back to Italy.”

To learn more, or sign up for a Follow Me day, visit the Follow Me page.

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