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6 Feb 2014 | by Les Roches


Follow Me is one of the best ways prospective students can get an insight into the life of a Les Roches student. It’s an interesting, fun, stress-free way of finding out whether the Les Roches world of hospitality education is right for you.

Justin Wood is one of the main organizers and here he writes about his experience, leading the final Follow Me of 2013:

It was a privilege to welcome two very interested students, who were keen to experience Les Roches for the first time. Despite the weather, we kept a positive attitude and looked forward to what the program held in store.

The first student, from Germany, was keen to take the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management. She is currently studying in the UK, and had spent the last week trying to find the right hospitality management school to continue her studies.

The second student, from Italy, was also interested in the Bachelor Degree. However, he was more interested in the opportunity to study at other Les Roches campuses, specifically Les Roches Marbella.

The day kicked off with morning coffee, followed by the campus tour. The weather was not perfect, but the potential students, along with their families, thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. Both visiting students were impressed by the welcoming spirit of the students, even mentioning “I already feel a part of a family, everyone is so kind!

As the day progressed, the sun started to shine a little more, and the visiting students started to feel even more at home. Before we knew it, it was lunch time and we were joined at the Market Place by two of Les Roches’ Student Ambassadors. This gave the visitors a chance to ask plenty of questions, as well as enjoy the superb lunch, which was, of course, prepared by Les Roches students as part of their program!

Follow Me collage

The program on this day was particularly exciting.  The prospective students were invited to attend a workshop help by Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts – specifically on the HR and leadership side of hotel operations. Our visitors found the workshop eye-opening and fascinating.

As the day drew to a close, the visitors were able to experience a sample of some of the classes offered during the program at Les Roches – including Bar and Beverage, and Rooms Division. The day concluded with further questions and a cup of coffee.

We got positive feedback, and the guests left, satisfied to have seen Les Roches in a personalised, highly professional way. One of them said: “the Follow Me day was very interesting and gave me a good insight into what studying hospitality means”.

Looking back on the Follow Me days during this semester, it’s clear to see that the Follow Me program is a great way for future students to experience the magic that makes up the Les Roches ‘way of life’ and to enable them to make a more informed decision of where to study.

The next Follow Me days are scheduled for February, March and April. You can check out the specific dates here but, if none of these dates work for you, you can book a visit to the campus at any time, or attend one of our open days!

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