Five things they don’t tell you about postgraduate studies at Les Roches!

5 Jul 2019 | by Les Roches


MBA Student Ambassador Radhika Mathur shared some personal insights into what it means to go ‘back to school’ for postgraduate studies.

So, you’ve worked for 1, 2, 3… maybe 10 years and now you’re going to a prestigious institute such as Les Roches to sharpen your knives with a Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s or – in my case – an MBA. 

The application, selection and preparations are pretty standard, right? Is it a lot different just because you’re older, wiser and maybe fussier? Well, yes and no. Read on to find out what I mean…


1. You WILL miss your salary

Undoubtedly, for most of us, one of the most satisfying experiences of working life is the crediting of our wages into our bank accounts. It’s hard-earned money which fuels our needs and wishes, alike. However, deciding to put this financial comfort on hold while you recharge your formal education is a difficult decision. While we all know that it will have enormous returns in the long-run, grad school life does require bolstering your finances in the form of savings, sponsors or earning income without taking up too much of your study time. Thankfully we don’t have to rely on the hallmarks of student life – instant ramen and oatmeal to save time – at Les Roches, since we have four or five different on-campus dining venues to choose from. 


2. Age does not matter!

Some of you may have reservations if you’re older than the average grad school student; while others may feel that they’re too young to be among more experienced classmates. In reality, when you get to know your class and you interact with a variety of personalities, you understand how there is always something to learn from another person. The only must-have is an open mind and the will to learn. Classes are designed to be comfortable for most students and if you do have trouble catching up, just tap a professor’s shoulder and they will be there for you. 


3. There truly is something for everybody on campus

Whether you’ve got a wanderlust tattoo and want to explore the beautiful locales around us, a rocker who loves to perform, or a wine enthusiast, you’ve got plenty of opportunities here. While academics will certainly be the focus of the semester or two that you spend here, don’t forget that there will still be plenty of time for your other interests. Having lived in India all my life, I had only visited the major tourist destinations on my previous trip to Europe.

Since starting my MBA, I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to visit 20-25 destinations in and around Switzerland!


4. You will be part of a community

Even though it is a well-known school for hospitality, Les Roches Bluche does have a relatively small student population. It makes it rather easy to make friends, bond with others and participate in the community in more ways that you would imagine; whether you’re in the same course, or the same residence, or neither. For everything that you may need, from support with studies and company for parties to travel buddies, you are likely to find someone who has the same interests as you. Don’t forget there are also many events and clubs, too. This close-knit campus sets the stage for the strong alumni association which we see on campus visits, study trips, LinkedIn, Career Day and even interviews! It’s a great asset to have when we go back into the big, bad world upon graduation. 


5. This is the ‘break’ that you were looking for

In both meanings of the word for us postgrad students. Our program lets us take a respite from our crazy careers, to live and study in serene alpine surroundings. It also acts as the ‘break’ from which we embark upon a new level in our careers. It is an opportunity which presents several more – whether in terms of exploration and education during the course, or the many professional opportunities which come a-knocking once you graduate. 

Are you now ready for this exhilarating new chapter of your lives?

Radhika Mathur, MBA1 Student Ambassador 


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