First weeks at Les Roches

20 Feb 2012 | by Samantha


These first few weeks of Les Roches have been quite stressful for me personally. It’s been a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things and get my brain into gear! Hence the late blog post!

So after many months of waiting impatiently, I have finally arrived on campus at Les Roches! It was a beautiful blue-sky, sunny day making it a perfect day to drive down to the Valais.

The campus is just as amazing as I remembered from my visit, albeit complete with a bit more snow than when I last came!

Upon entering the main building, I was greeted by a very friendly third-year student who assisted me through the check-in procedure. First there was a visit to student accounting to check that everything was in order with payments, etc, then a quick stop to the academic office to sign some forms and to choose the foreign language that we wish to study for the following semesters. I chose to study Spanish as I have never taken Spanish in my life, which should be interesting!

Next stop was to the student services department where I was issued with the all important student card and the keys to my room which was very exciting.

My building is PF3 or ‘Peters Farm 3’, it is a nice building with excellent views of the mountains. Unfortunately for me, it is a building situated several minutes away from the main building – which usually wouldn’t bother me at all! However, due to my ankle/knee injuries it has proved quite difficult sometimes to move around campus with all this snow and ice!

The first week at the school was induction week, where we were introduced to our teachers and given some very interesting presentations about the academic and practical schedules.
We were also given all of the books that we will need for this semester, it was very exciting (although quite nerve-wracking at the same time) to get a first look into what we will be studying!

One of my main worries before arriving on campus was how it would be to initially meet new people and make new friends. But that was something I shouldn’t have worried about because I really like my class and all the people in it!

It is true what they say – Les Roches is not just a school, it’s a way of life.
Anyway, I better get back to studying! Talk to you soon.




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