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First impressions of the cold heaven

28 Feb 2014 | by Rod Vafaee


My bags are packed and I get on the plane from Dubai to Geneva. It’s a long flight so I do what I usually do and go to have a cup of tea with the cabin crew. I am told that Stanislas Wawrinka is on the plane after his win at the Australian Open, so I know immediately there will be a big reception for him at the airport.

We land in Geneva after a 7-hour flight and the plane taxis to the gate. We wait longer than usual to disembark and people start to get frustrated.  I know it’s because of Wawrinka so don’t really get too bothered.

When I arrive to pick up my luggage there are signs all around the arrival lobby congratulating Wawrinka, and there are cameramen everywhere. It almost feels as if I am the celebrity being filmed by all these cameramen – what a perfect way to start my adventure at Les Roches!

Les Roches International Hotel School is near Lake Geneva
The beautiful Lake Geneva with the snowy mountains in the background

I am really tired, but it is just too difficult to take my eyes off the natural beauty that surrounds me during the two and a half hour bus ride. I take many pictures but my favorite is the one on the left.

When I arrive at Bluche, the check in process goes very smoothly as everything is already set up for us.

Within half an hour I already have everything organised and am in my room. I can’t really see much of Bluche as it is already dark out. It is also really cold so I try my best to stay indoors.

A couple of days later we have the welcome drinks and I meet a lot of the teachers and students. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

It is much better than I had expected and I immediately feel I made the right choice by coming to Les Roches.

I cannot wait to experience more of what Les Roches has to offer and keep all of you updated on my travels and experiences.

For now here is a picture of a bunch of the people from my program and me:

international study program global degree students les roches hotel management school
For the next few years, students of the Global Bachelors Degree will travel the world together in their international study program
Rod Vafaee


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