First few weeks in the white alps

6 Feb 2012 | by Filippa


Bonjour tout le monde!

What an intensive start (hence the late update)… The past couple of weeks have been amazing, and I’m so happy I decided to finish HOIII here in Switzerland.

The school impressed me from the very moment I arrived at the airport. They were waiting with a large Les Roches sign for me and other new students, gave us water and snacks, and took care of all luggage. A big bus was waiting outside and the ride to the campus took roughly two hours. After a steep climb up the mountains we reached our final destination – a tiny place called Bluche. After I did my check-in, I was assigned a room, and later on I met up with a bunch of friends for dinner and drinks. Since it was a Saturday, we all were curious about the nightlife so we took a taxi to the nearby village Crans and danced until our feet became sore. Since there are only a few places to go out, people here tend to stick together and that makes it so much more fun.

Monday morning it was time for classes straight away. My year is divided into five groups, and compared to Marbella, that is a lot since we only had three over there. First week was basically an introduction to all teachers, subjects and classmates, and on the second week projects, quizzes, assignments, presentations and exams kept on coming in. I have also joined the Student Committee marketing team where we promote events and activities such as crazy mufti days and parties, so that (along with this blog) keeps me busy, to say the least…

I am very happy that the school offers us to move between the different campuses, and although the contrasts between the schools are quiet big, it’s still the Les Roches spirit all over…

Next weekend awaits a welcome party thrown by the Student Social Committee plus a spontaneously planned trip to Milan… Promise to update you all on that.

Ciao for now!

X Filippa



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