Majda, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student

The first ever Global Degree student

19 Dec 2014 | by Guest Author


MajdaMy name is Magda and I am currently in my last semester of the Bachelor’s Degree Program at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland.

I am very proud to have been the first student to take the Global Degree Hospitality Program.In a way I was the guinea pig. I transferred to China and Spain and the Global Degree came after!

Indeed, this global program has been recently created to allow students to transfer in the three different branch campuses of Les Roches which are the one in Shanghai (China), the one situated in Marbella (Spain) and the main one located in Bluche (Switzerland).

My Les Roches experience is probably very different from most of my others friends and classmates as I was lucky and determined enough to decide to experience different campuses, cultures and people within roughly three years of program. I was highly interested in this international experience as it does add an incredible asset to my resume and support the choice of my field and industry.

The Global Degree that is now offered definitely presents certain advantages that I did not had the chance to enjoy. In fact, undergraduates keep the same class throughout the experience. This is in my opinion, a major difference as it makes it easier to be away from home. I personally was lucky enough in my transfers in always transferring with fiends or classmates.

Shanghai was in my sense a huge positive cultural shock. I was not familiar with the Chinese traditions and more generally the Asian culture. Having to face this gap for the first year of my program had developed my sense of adaptability, respect and openness to others. The campus is quite big as it is displayed with Shanghai Normal University. Therefore, it offers a wide range of shops and small Chinese food outlets and students shops across the campus. I had a direct exposure to the Chinese culture during my practical. Having the opportunity to develop your team work with people that share a different culture has definitely expanded my knowledge. In my opinion, it has prepared me very well in this professional area.

Les Roches Jin Jiang international students in Shanghai

On the other hand, the city of Shanghai is most definitely an international spot welcoming a lot of expats which has made me feel a bit more at home. From my own experience, the city has been the most exciting in terms of diversity and attractions offered.

For my second year of study, transferring to Marbella was very stimulating. I got to meet a lot of new people and got the opportunity to go back to Europe being half European myself.

Majda, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Marbella student

The classes that I followed during the second year were more centred on management than the ones I did in Les Roches Jin Jiang. The city of Marbella is located in the very south of Spain in Andalucia right at the entrance of Maghreb. Being half Algerian, the location of the place was much more familiar.

Majda, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student Majda, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student

Studying in Spain had brought several benefits for me mainly being able to learn Spanish in just a year. The city and the school are kept in a more Mediterranean and private atmosphere, being smaller. Activities offered are more leisure and resort activities especially to do with the beach that is 15 minutes’ walk away from the school. The Spanish way of life is very pleasant and Andalucia offers a lot to discover.

My last semester in Bluche so far, has been great. I had the chance to meet back some of my friends and classmates from both Les Roches Jin Jiang and Les Roches Marbella. I definitely enjoy the school’s infrastructure and the large campus in the valley. Faculty and students are very welcoming and helpful even though Bluche is very quiet place. I think the environment allows for more concentration than I have experienced before.

Graduating by the end of the year, I think that Switzerland offers lots of job opportunities and careers paths and the Swiss touch does make sense in terms of hospitality industry. I really appreciate all the activities being organized by the school.

Majda, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student This global experience has balanced my skills with the exposure to different cultures, quite opposed in certain ways.

Since, hospitality deals with people for people, I think this is an incomparable asset for me. It actually helps me a lots in the different projects I had. It gives me more insights about people and how to approach them. It also helps me to be more focus and goal-oriented than others.

Majda, Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student

I am definitely grateful to my parents who, being open-minded and flexible, have supported me all the way.

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