The final countdown has begun!

11 Jan 2012 | by Samantha


Just one week left now until my arrival at Les Roches and I couldn’t be more excited! I really can’t wait to meet everyone, to start studying again and to be in such an amazing place!

My Christmas/New Year holidays were a perfect way to relax and prepare myself for this final week and for the start of school. I made immense progress with the recovery of my ankle during my time away – going from having to use crutches and a huge ankle brace when I left home – to returning home without needing the crutches at all and even wearing two shoes! This being a big deal for me as I have not had a normal shoe on my left foot for about 3 months! This progress I was able to make with my ankle has seriously boosted my confidence, meaning I am feeling much better about arriving on campus knowing that I have an ankle that works!

Seeing as I went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for my holidays, I thought I would just quickly share with you my hotel experiences during my stay. In Abu Dhabi we stayed in the ‘Yas Island Viceroy Hotel’ – a stunningly interesting hotel to look at from the outside, as it is covered with an LED dome which changes colour constantly, making it very visible from a distance, and it even displayed the words ‘Happy New Year’ on new years eve.

Then in Dubai we stayed in the ‘Raffles Hotel’ – again another amazing looking building from the outside as it is shaped like a pyramid! The grand entrance is very inviting and the facilities are great. But for me what really makes this hotel, is the amazing level of customer service. From the second that we stepped through the Egyptian themed sliding doors the staff were incredible in making us feel welcome and giving us any assistance and information we needed. The concierge desk was particularly impressive. At this point I was still using my crutches and was wearing my giant ski boot of an ankle brace, and the concierge (even though I had not asked him anything, I was simply walking past his desk) came out of his way to say hello and ask me how my leg was. Then whenever I saw him he would wave and smile a big smile even if he was busy, and he would always come over and joke that I should go and play football with him, he gave me tips on how to relax my ankle, and he even helped me get comfortable on a sofa in the lounge so that I could eat whilst keeping my ankle up!

I have seen good customer service before, but this to me was the “going the extra mile” bit that makes all the difference with the level of satisfaction of the customer. I couldn’t help but think, if every hotel had staff like this, then everyone would be able to enjoy a great hotel experience, and it made me even more excited about learning about this industry!

Returning home was quite a climate shock, leaving behind the sun, shorts and 26 degree weather – coming home to a typical Swiss winter of snow covered Jura and 3 degree weather! Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way complaining – I love winter in Switzerland, I’m just saying it was quite a big change in one day.

Now that I am back home the serious preparations have begun. Sorting out clothes, planning where and when to go shopping to get the last bits and pieces and of course, my favourite – making lists! There are only a few things that I am missing now, one of them being shoes. I am having a bit of a dilemma finding shoes due to my ankle, but I know I will find a solution, even if I do end up wearing black trainers to go with my suits!

I’m finding it a bit hard to believe that there is only one week left until we will all be arriving on campus. I’ve been waiting for this for months and months and it is so exciting to have it so close to actually happening!! Of course there are a few nerves and worries, the usual what if’s and so on, but these are easily forgotten by the thought that I will soon be studying in such an amazing place. I absolutely adore being in the mountains and I seriously can’t wait to be surrounded by incredible views and people!!

Another thing that I am looking forward to is meeting everyone! I have to say that the Les Roches Facebook page for new students has been an excellent source of information for any questions and queries, as well as being a great place to get to know a little bit about new classmates!

I hope that everyone’s last week of preparations go well and that your journeys to Les Roches go smoothly! I guess I better get on with my packing now.. So see you all next week!!




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