The May Fair Hotel – Half way point!

12 Apr 2013 | by Les Roches


It’s a pleasure to have Chris Astill-Smith as this week’s guest blogger. He recently finished the third semester of the Diploma in Hotel Management and is currently on his final internship in London.

The May Fair Hotel, London

The May Fair Hotel – Half way point!

I have just completed my first three months of internship at The May Fair Hotel, London. This internship role is in the Front Office department of a busy 410 room, five-star London hotel.

During my first week, I was put on Opera training, which is the computer reservation system that we use. When I started, I was shadowing my colleagues and supervisors.  I was quick and keen to learn everything and within 2 weeks I was checking guests in and out of the hotel.

I am getting on with everyone at the hotel and the staff are great and are keen to keep teaching me new things. Not to mention the hotel is such a hot spot with British celebrities, I have seen and spoke with many athletes, famous footballers, and stars, including Tom Jones!

A very British looking mini bar fridge from one of our junior suites.



Since it’s my first time working in a hotel, I have come across a couple of difficulties. The Opera system is quite easy to use, but  it takes time to know your way around it inside and out. Not to mention I have made a few mistakes so far.  In my first month, I accidently charged a guest’s  American Express card for almost £20,000! I had to call up American Express and get them to release it right away. Luckily, the guest didn’t know so I got away lightly. That is one mistake I will most definitely learn from!



I am currently living in West Kensington, which is a very nice area, and only 6 stops away from the hotel on the underground. The underground makes it so easy to get around in the city because everything is close to most stations, you can also take the big red double decker bus, but I prefer the underground as it’s a bit quicker! I have made lots of friends at work and in my free time, it’s also a bonus that I can see some old school friends now and again when they come down to London. I am planning on going out for a big night with lots of my old friends and new friends from Les Roches who are currently in London for my 21st Birthday, I will let you know how I get on!

In my free time I have learned lots about the city of London by going and seeing many of the London landmarks, going on tours, shopping in the famous Oxford Street, Selfridges and Harrods. Below is an image of the Oxford vs. Cambridge boat race which happens every year in London. I was lucky enough to have this day off and got invited to a garden party right on the river Thames with a great view of the race!



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