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29 Jun 2018 | by Les Roches


Tom Tabouring Les RochesTom Tabouring knew that Switzerland was the perfect destination for hospitality studies. After visiting a number of schools, he instantly knew Les Roches was the right choice for him. Since then, he has thrived, embarking on two successful internships and making lifelong friends. Tom spoke to us all about his Les Roches experience.

Why did you decide to study hospitality management in Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for hospitality and has some of the best hospitality schools in the world. Thus, having the opportunity to study at Les Roches and be among the best was an easy decision.

Why did you choose to study at Les Roches?

The decision to join Les Roches was based purely on my gut feeling. I visited many schools in Switzerland, and Les Roches was the one where I felt the most comfortable. The fact that it is multicultural also had an impact on my decision.

What does the Les Roches way of life mean to you?

Les Roches is indeed a way of life because the friends that you make and the staff that teach you become like family. Being so close to these individuals for such a long time creates a special bond that lasts forever.

How would you describe your student life and opportunities at Les Roches?

The student life at Les Roches is amazing and there are plenty of activities to choose from. The same goes for opportunities, as the school has a very reputable name that is known to many of the world’s top companies.

Where did you do your internships? And how did you find it?

I did my first internship at W Barcelona in their Human Resources department, specializing in recruitment. My second internship was at the Career Development department at Les Roches itself, where I was responsible for the region of Spain, helping students with their placements. I found both internships with the school’s resources.

What is your most memorable time at Les Roches?

Definitely my graduation. Having my real family and Les Roches family together at the same place was a memorable experience. The graduation was the beginning of something new and exciting, but also the end of something great that will shape my professional career.

What are your plans when you graduate?

I received a very exciting job offer to work as a recruitment consultant at Robert Walters, one of the biggest recruitment firms in the world. With offices in 28 different countries, I have decided to work for the branch in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as I believe the future lies in Southeast Asia.

Any tips for new students?

Take advantage of the different activities, clubs and events the school has to offer. Be proactive and try to make a difference by standing out from the crowd. Build your network from the early stages of your studies, because there is no industry where connections are more important than in the hospitality industry.

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