Career development and industry placement team Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

My experience with Les Roches Career Development and Industry Placement services

24 Oct 2014 | by Giovanni Odaglia


Career development and industry placement team Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

Giovanni Odaglia writes about the Career Development and Industry Placement team, the Les Roches people dedicated to getting you the right job for your career.

As a new blogger for Les Roches webzine, I would love to dedicate my first article to one of the strongest point of our school: the “Career Development & Industry Placement” better knows as CDIP.

Run by Mr. Mioche and his team, the CDIP is a nest for students enrolled at Les Roches. We are always amazed by how a tiny office, run by very few people, is capable to offer so much to each one of the 1200 students on campus. However, before carrying on, allow me to explain the basic role of this department.

The CDIP role can be easily defined as the most important one for all students: providing us with the opportunity to find a job during and after our studies.

It may sound very easy but trust me, it is not. In order to complete the bachelor in the most successful way, each student is required to complete 2 internships of a minimum of 6 months.

This means the CDIP has to create access to an average of 1000 job vacancies every semester.

Furthermore, everyone wants to get experience in famous and important brands, which makes everything even more complicated as those 1000 positions need now to come from a specific sector within the market. Why? Because if you have great names in your Curriculum Vitae, you are likely to have better offers at the end of your studies.

For us future leaders, managers in this industry, building our foundations in the right place is definitely the most relevant factor and the CDIP is the department in charge of this. We could not have asked for anything better.

To prove my point, I can share with you some important details: in 2013 more than 60 companies – all top level – came to recruit on campus our undergraduates. The selection of the type of companies who come to recruit does not occur by chance, it is result of strategic engagement by the highly-specialized Industry Relations team.  This is one of the reasons 89% of the students have graduate job offers in well-established brands, when they complete their studies.

For each student, it is extremely important to have a department working with the managers at all these companies in order to forge important relationships for each one of us. However, the CDIP does not stop at this. No! The CDIP also offers incredible support before, during and after the work has started.

Having a department that is focused on bringing important companies on campus every week to recruit us, and a team that is following the visa processes for all the students as well as all work-related issues, is something that should never be underestimated or taken for granted.

Mr. Mioche and his team have done brilliant work, and we all applaud the key role that the CDIP department plays in our very near future.

“Thank you Mr. Mioche, thank you very much indeed.”

Giovanni Odaglia

Giovanni Odaglia


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