How exercise makes you a smarter student

16 Apr 2019 | by editor


Les Roches Student Ambassador Romane Liaud-Laval explains why it’s vital to balance your studies with looking after your physical/mental health and wellbeing.

I truly believe that balance is somehow related to time. When thinking about how my personal health needs to be in coordination with my study, I feel that the goal is to find the right amount of time for both. It’s about knowing when and how to realize them in order to commit to each of them equally.

I recently read an article on Forbes about life dimension, in which it was explained that integrating work and life together can create the best-self possible. Basically, being healthy will give positivity in your working/studying mindset – and vice-versa – as if all was psychologically related.

If I had to make an introspection of myself and explain how I manage the balance between personal wellbeing with studies, I would focus on two things.

Student Ambassador BlogFirstly, the importance of physical health. Working out and taking care of your physical appearance is something that I believe makes a huge impact on studies and work efficiency.

As I mentioned before, my physical/mental health is coordinated with my studies. Whenever I work out, I automatically sleep better; I concentrate more in class and I gain confidence. All this creates a direct impact on my study efficiency. I try to go to the gym each day; for at least 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half when I am really motivated.

Of course, scheduling my time is important. I try to work as much as possible during class and breaks to enjoy my free time to its fullest. Since I am able to concentrate more in class thanks to the gym work I regularly do, I do not have any problem to finalize all my homework on time and still keep free time for myself.

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My second point is that being well in your body and in your studies indirectly impacts your mental health. In fact, by finding time for both work out and study:

  • My general positivity increases.
  • It reduces my anxiety and stress a lot.
  • It allows me to relax more and better enjoy my student life.
  • By “loving myself”, I will be loved by others.

By finding time for everything, being able to take care of myself and my work, I feel and look confident. This helps me to cultivate a nice social life in which I can travel with my friends at the same time as being peaceful in my mind.

I recently challenged myself to work on my self-confidence and spirituality. I quit drinking alcohol for a month. I released myself from a form of dependency as well as taking care of my health and proving to myself and others that I can achieve goals which can impact both my physical/mental health and wellbeing along with my work efficiency.

To conclude, I would say that, for me, everything is related. The real balance is inside yourself. As soon as you find the right mind stability; the physical, the mental and the professional will coordinate together by themselves. By creating a psychological balance, time will no longer be a waste.

Romane Liaud-Laval, BBA7 Student Ambassador

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