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23 Jul 2014 | by Les Roches


Les Roches has launched a new course specialization for its BBA course in International Hospitality Management: Spa and Health Management in partnership with industry leaders, ESPA and Genolier Swiss Medical Network (GSMN).

According to the Global Wellness Tourism Economy report, the spa and wellbeing tourism sector is projected to grow on average 9.1% annually over the next five years, nearly twice the rate of global tourism overall, reaching $678.5 billion by 2017. It is directly responsible for creating 11.7 million jobs, which in turn generate an indirect economic impact of $1.4 trillion.

We’d like to say that the Spa and Health Management specialization is another brand new, cutting-edge idea from Les Roches.  And, whilst on one level it is (no other hotel school in Switzerland offers such a course specialization), there are a lot of other people who have gone before us to make it possible.

For starters, we’ve got the Greeks to thank for creating spas in the first place. Bathtubs, wash basins, footbaths, vapour baths, and hot-spring baths (complete with cubicles for clothing) were all developed by the Greeks.

And then we’ve got to applaud the Romans for upping the standard and creating more expansive baths complete with gymnasiums, where people socialised and did business.

Deepest gratitude also to the Arabs and Turks who developed the use of water for healing and relaxation, and provided us with some of the accompanying services, such as massage, that are standard offerings on a spa menu today.

From time immemorial, it seems, humans have believed in the need to be relaxed, pampered, cleansed and cured by water.  And today, the spa and wellness sector is experiencing explosive levels of growth, in spite of the current economic climate (or, perhaps indeed, because of it). Fifty percent of the projected growth in wellness tourism through 2017 will come from Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East/North Africa.

Les Roches’ collaboration with leading luxury brands ESPA and Genolier Swiss Medical Network (GSMN), will give students a unique immersion into the spa and health industry.

Students will visit ESPA-branded spas in London, experience best practice, and carry out an integrated business project. Courses will focus on current and future trends, sustainability and environmental issues, retail spa operations, history and philosophy, as well as the business and leadership dynamics of this industry. Les Roches students will also spend two days visiting one of the GSMN’s clinics in Genolier, near Geneva, to learn from experts about working in a high-end health management company.

There is intense demand for graduates with the talent and experience to resource this growing sector.

If you think this business degree is just the springboard you need for your career, get in touch for an informal chat. Our Admissions team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have: info@lesroches.edu or tel.  +41 21 989 26 77

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