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1 Dec 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


Integrated Project by Postgraduate Diploma students  IP EVENT, Come Fly with Me

All of the programs at Les Roches train their students to build and improve their skills in different areas of the hospitality industry. In order to get their diploma, the postgraduate students (PGD2) from Les Roches have to design an event in which they apply all of the techniques and knowledge that they learned in their first part of the program as students of PGD 1.

This is a very challenging activity that requires their entire disposition to work in groups so that they can present an exceptional idea for this event. The one that they presented this semester was based on the theme “Cities of the world”.  It was an outstanding performance of their cooking skills, service skills and also organizing, presentation and entertaining abilities.

The evening had a great ambiance, live music, great food and beverage, and amazing entertainers in general. It had the support of the PGDs 1 and also students from the school and staff in general.

Projects such as these really enhance the student’s talents to step out from the classrooms and put them into practice to show it to the school.  Following the meal there is a compiled video with pictures and a short clip of this marvelous night.  Congratulations to all of the PGD2 who did an amazing job!

PGD2 STUDENTS , contratulations to all of you!!

Besides the trekking activities, excursions and the visits to wineries that the school organizes, there are also different trips around Switzerland. We recently had the chance to take a fantastic trip to the GRUYERE area, famous for the delicious cheese of the same name and the beauty of the region.

During this trip, students were able to visit a chocolate factory which is always a great attraction for all those who love chocolate and want to try a bit of some of the best Swiss products.

It’s very interesting to get to see these places because they are part of the Swiss culture and part of the learning experience that every student here at Les Roches should experience.

Check out the pictures of the area, these charming towns made the trip very significant for those who want to feel and see the country side of Switzerland.

Pamela Calvas


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