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17 Sep 2013 | by Zaffar


How does a FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony come to life? Imagine attending a concert, where millions of people across the world go crazy with just one artist ex. DJ TIESTO? Or have you ever stood, watched and loved a fireworks display; or attended a destination wedding, and watched a couple saying ‘I do’?

Events management is everything. Keeping into consideration the above, I recently changed my job from the restaurants industry to events management. Personally, I love it!  One must be diligent and should not prolong duties. There can be stress in managing events at any scale, but mostly self-discipline and confidence are very important. If you would love to see others smile because of your efforts, then a job in the events industry would make you smile at work every day.

Behind the scenes, there are a lot of long and tiresome hours just to create the best experience possible for the guests, the celebrities, sponsors & participants, and the audiences; basically for everyone. Each and every event could be a very special occasion not only for the for the attending guests, but also for the people who are getting it organized.

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To begin with, let me introduce you to the ‘behind the scenes’ side of an event. An event might have a certain number of guests the host would like to invite. According to the number of guests expected for an event, the place/venue needs to be agreed upon. Also, many hosts have preferences of their own; thus the availability of each function space needs to be checked accordingly.

Once a venue is agreed upon, next is a decoration/theme. This will include a lot of things such as flowers, draping, lighting, carpets, color schemes and seating arrangements. Flowers are always essential part of the decorations. After the venue and theme is agreed upon, and then comes food and beverage. Choosing a menu could actually take days to prepare. In addition, transport and parking facilities, power supply and disposal of waste need to be arranged.

Today, events management is a booming, money-making industry. In the world today, guests want every special occasion of theirs to be celebrated in a perfect manner. Surprisingly, even in economic recession, events remain very useful to corporate companies as way to build customer relations, brand image, and give memorable experiences to their clients..

So far, in my role of assistant events manager at JW Marriott Khao Lak, I have managed weddings, anniversaries, religious events, cultural programs, promotional campaigns and many more. In my role, I have tried to be very vigilant and diligent, and manage myself well in extreme pressure and stress. Every individual or corporate group has different requirements which vary for each individual event. I have well managed events back to back; some even overlapping each other; requiring long hours and tiresome days, but it all feels good when the events goes smoothly and the hosts are complimentary for all the efforts involved.

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