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15 Jun 2011 | by Whitney


So after a few weeks packed with final practicals and final exams we all had to dig out our suitcases, get a number of cardboard boxes and pack up our rooms. It’s funny how somehow, without noticing it you accumulate and acquire so much more stuff than you came with, making it ten times more difficult to pack! Some of us are going straight on to HOII and are going on holiday but most are going to different corners of the world to start our 6 month internships.

It has been a long term packed with everything from how to clean different floors to how to calculate formulas like REVPAR and ARR. But it’s only been five short months. We have seen two seasons and the beginning of summer. Friendships have been forged and a good time had by all. I thought it would be nice to see what some of my classmates have had to say about their experiences in the past semester.

  • It’s been an insightful journey and a very practical year; you get to meet billions of people which is awesome.
  • Adventurous, exciting and new, a big change and challenge.
  • School is located in an isolated area, but the people are crazy and fun.
  • A mixture of experiences which would scare, excite and intrigue any individual, not a typical university.
  • A wonderful insight into the world of hospitality. I now know how to make my own bed.
  • A near death experience. (this from one of our more accident prone students this year with 3 falls, stomach flu and so many visits to the doctor)
  • Getting to know so many new people from different countries is one of the big advantages. Hopp GC! (a student from Zurich)
  • From a teacher: We are teaching discipline that will be necessary for the future not only our subject. It is a good lead in to the internships where this education will continue. It has also been my first semester and it has been an absolute pleasure.
  • The snow is really beautiful. Travelling is so easy and transport is really reliable.

Each person has had their own unique experience and we have all come away with a lot. I look forward to seeing my classmates again in January and hearing all about their internships which I am sure will all be very different and exciting.

For now I will be writing from Cambodia telling you about the country, its history and people and of course my internship as it progresses.



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