Top of the polls! Elections bring fresh faces to the Student Governance Association

14 Jun 2019 | by Les Roches


The three most senior roles within Les Roches’ Student Governance Association (SGA) – President, Vice-President and Value Counselor – have been filled for next semester, after a friendly but closely-fought election campaign.

The new SGA President is Pek Zhi Xiang, who will already be familiar to regular blog readers as the driving force behind this year’s WOWExpo celebration of Swiss winemaking.

Pek, who is currently in the penultimate semester of his BBA program, says, “Running for the SGA hasn’t always been my plan. Initially I wanted to focus on my academics for my last semester. However, Les Roches isn’t purely about academics and you get out of the school what you put into it. I believe that the SGA is a good way to give back to the school the experiences it has given me in the years past. I believe the presidency will also help me to develop more as a person.”

Well done also to the runners-up in the presidential poll: Jihad El Rassy, Karolina Remisz and Saharat (Sears) Jivavisitnont.

Vice-President-elect Finn Lloyd Robert Skillen can’t wait to get started. He says, “Giving help to those in need, or simply performing random acts of kindness, has always been something I find pleasure in doing. Whether it be helping others who aren’t in the same department as I’m in, or giving instruction to those who need a little bit more, helping has always been a strong point of mine. This might also be known as ‘being Canadian’; however I’ll keep up the tradition of helping others grow, even when they surpass me!”

A special mention also for the runner-up VP candidates: Karolina Remisz, Saharat (Sears) Jivavisitnont and Shreyansh Trivedi.

Newly-elected Value Counselor Ingrid Tamara Schröder was inspired to join the SGA after seeing the current members of the association working tirelessly to represent the student body and to make life in Les Roches more fun.

She says, “I am currently in my final year at Les Roches and am extremely happy to be your Value Counselor for the upcoming semester. I joined Les Roches in 2016 and I have had the best time at this school. We will try to continue the great work that has been done in the previous semesters, and we thank you for your support.”

Shout out to the runners-up for this poll: Lorena Soares Thomaz da Silva, Jihad El Rassy and Saharat (Sears) Jivavisitnont.

About the SGA

Founded in 2017, the SGA forms a bridge between Les Roches’ management and the student body. It fosters unity between students and school, promotes student concerns, and gives students a voice through which they can express their thoughts, opinions and concerns.

The SGA has its own Values Committee, which ensures that the rules are followed and everyone is treated fairly. There’s also a Student Council, which gathers student concerns and feedback to pass on to the school. Last but not least is the Student Board, which gathers together the heads of the various SGA departments, which include events, finance, student life and communications.

·     And you can hear from former SGA President, Diana Xing Wang

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