Dream Internship: Myth or Reality?

3 Dec 2013 | by Arkadiya


This question becomes important at least once for practically every student during the semester. It is true that you need to have an internship to pass to thedream internship next semester successfully, and then to graduate, but have you ever asked yourself if the internship you are getting exceeds your expectations, if it is your dream internship?

In this article I would like to share some personally-crafted rules on getting your own “very best internship”.

Rule #1: Never EVER lie to yourself

It is not a good idea to persuade yourself that you like doing something that you actually don’t like doing. First of all, it will be a very hard task to do your job well if you don’t like it. In the end, it is not worth it; life is too short!

Practical application: identify who you really want to be and what you want to be doing and as soon as you find that, never let it go!

Rule #2: Find YOUR opportunities

It is probably the worst thing people can do to themselves: create a dream only around the opportunities they can find. Remember that every person is allowed to find what is right, their own individual way. Find your very own opportunities around the dreams you create!

Practical application: now, when you really know who you want to be, find those opportunities that only relate to the area and occupation you are looking for. Don’t take the first internship you see – search for the one that you don’t see.

Rule #3: Do not listen to anyone but yourself

Be ready to hear a lot of different opinions about how difficult and even impossible it is to find a dream internship: “No Les Roches student has been to this place before” or “there’s no way you will get this offer.” These are the things that you should ignore, because there is nothing impossible for Les Roches students who know exactly what they want.

Practical application: overcome difficulties and don’t be afraid of being the first one to find another path.

Rule #4: Go ahead until you get what you are looking for

Sometimes the search gets so uninspiring that you start to doubt: is this going to be possible? Is it the right thing to do? Even though this happens, do not question your potential and do not get desperate.

Practical application: if you face difficulties finding the openings you are looking for, try to change things instead of giving up. Change the method of search, the way you were looking for things, finally, find other means and not the ones you were using before.

Rule #5: Always have a spare solution

Spare solution or a “Plan B” (as they like to call it in movies). It is always necessary to know that even in the worst case scenario you still have another plan. However, a spare variant should not mean a “desperate variant”.

Practical application: always search for at least two places at the same time. Usually you have a first choice and a second choice, but you could easily find two places that are of equal interest to you.dream internship2

To finish this brief article, I would like to answer the question that was given in the title: dream internship: myth or reality? There is a famous quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (Neale Donald Walsch). So, I would rephrase it a little: “The dream internship does exist, but it can be found only above and beyond your comfort zone”.



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