Do you believe in fate?

29 Sep 2015 | by Anthony


Alumni Michaela Susanne Waibel (2007) and Anthony Kittipat Kranepuhl (2010) got married on August 1st. They have so much in common, it makes us think their love was written in the stars!

Anthony met Micky when he was visiting Bangkok on a complimentary stay, whilst working at Four Seasons.

1. Both Micky and Anthony studied at Les Roches

Anthoy & Miky

2. Both went on to work for Four Seasons after graduation

Four Seasons Maldives
Anthony worked at Four Seasons Maldives

3. Both Micky and Anthony have Thai moms and German dads




4. After they had started dating, they found out that both their parents had got married on August 1st, which happens to be the Swiss National Day!


Can love really be written in the stars, or is this just another ‘Les Roches Way of Life’ thing?




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