Welcome to the Divorce Hotel

27 Jun 2012 | by Susana


What would you say about the new concept?, Do you think it is the future in the hotel industry? Can they achieve the same profit as any other hotels? Is it a trend or just a crazy idea? …..

Welcome To The Divorce Hotel

The 5* Hotel Karel V in Utrecht looks ideal for a weekend getaway. In the bustling lobby, there’s no shortage of advertisements for kissing couples hoping for a romantic retreat.

But Jim Halfens looks at the hotel and sees something else — a nice place to get divorced. He is not a lawyer, he runs a company that specializes in offering a quick, lower-cost alternative to divorce.

About half a year ago, he was interviewing divorcees, doing some market research:

“…They told us — divorce is very critical, I’m getting into a roller coaster,” Halfens said. “I’m not able to work anymore. My boss is complaining. Sometimes it takes three months. We have examples where it takes three years. And people were wondering — is there no other solution?…”

That’s when Jim Halfens got the idea for the Divorce Hotel. Let’s be clear — it’s not one hotel filled with a bunch of unhappy couples. It’s a legal service in Dutch luxury hotels.

Interview “Swift and Cheap Divorce Hotel” Feb 2012

It’s a divorce in 3 days, mediators and other specialists – notaries, even psychologists – are on hand to help the couple. Couples thinking about going through the Divorce Hotel process have to start with a set of extensive interviews. If they decide they can settle their differences quickly, with a mediator instead of lawyers, then they choose a four or five star hotel.

Marie-Louise Van As is the lawyer who works as a mediator at the Divorce Hotel she says that “If the marriage can be saved, we always tell people they are at the wrong address at the divorce hotel” and she notes that the three-day hotel stays are not a vacation. There are checklists, homework she calls it, that the couples have to do ahead of time.

  • Traditional Divorce: Legal costs up to 50000€ and 10 years!
  • Divorce Hotel: Costs 3500€ and 3 days Full Board.

But, Van As says, it’s worth it for many couples. “…In Holland to get divorced usually lasts six to nine months,” . “A bad divorce, a fighting divorce, can last five to 10 years. And cost 50,000 Euros or more…”

Jim Halfens gets emails every day from people in places like Brazil, Britain, Taiwan, Italy and Germany asking whether they can try the Divorce Hotel. Those countries have different divorce laws, so for now the Divorce Hotel is only for Dutch couples. And he is willing to find partners in the coming months to help him start the service in neighboring Germany, Belgium, etc…

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I hope you liked my last post and I would like to read your comments and answers to my questions , is it a trend? Does it have future? And what about profits?




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