Discovering The Great Aletsch Glacier

9 Nov 2016 | by Les Roches


The Great Aletsch Glacier is home to magical scenery that you have to see with your own eyes. Each semester we bring new outings to our event calendar; this year, the visit to the Great Aletsch Glacier was one of them. This river of ice stretches out for about 23km from the Jungfrau region down to the Massa Gorge and is absolutely breathtaking.

 Great Aletsch

Just by looking at photos found via Google, this trip already seemed like a great idea. Upon arrival at the peak of Eggishorn (at 2926m altitude) this assumption proved to be more than correct. We spent over an hour taking pictures of the spectacular views. I’m confident that most of our students each took more than 50 pictures of this absolutely astonishing phenomenon while taking selfies and group photos.

At the peak of the Eggishorn, we gave the group the option to stay and take some more photos before taking the cable car down to the restaurant. The other part of the group joined us on a hike down. To get to the restaurant we walked down for about an hour, enjoying perfect weather and amazing views. In the restaurant we had a salad as starter and a classical Swiss main dish called Geschnetzeltes.

To continue our day a part of our group stayed in the village to enjoy the weather and to recover from the first hike. A small group was motivated to continue our day in style by finishing the hike all the way down. Finally, back in the bus, we were able to look back very satisfied on our perfect day. We walked down an altitude level of 1877m, starting at the highest point of 2926m back to 1049m. The approximate distance we walked was 12km. I’m sure that it helped some of the participants sleep very well after arriving back on campus at Les Roches.

Les Roches


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