IP Event: Dinner with a Murderer

10 Nov 2011 | by Pamela Calvas


During the past weeks, we (the students of PGD II) have been working so hard in order to put together an event that meets the standards of our school, Les Roches.

This IP EVENT (Integrated Project) is our most important project where we have to put into practice all of our knowledge regarding Events Management from PGD I and PGD II courses and turn it into a practical event. For this event, we invite students and faculty of the school to come to a dinner held in one of the school facilities on a Saturday night. The theme of the event is decided after the presentations of all groups of PGD II, who work throughout the first part of the semester to win the opportunity to lead and manage this kind of event. In our semester, Autumn 2011, the winning theme was “Dinner with a Murderer”. It was an interesting, new and challenging idea that was proposed by a group of PGD students and we all have been working very hard in order to accomplish and be successful in the organization of a theme based event like this where everything in the evening has to be appropriate and match the name of the event.

We have been divided into groups and we will all be working on the pre-event organization and during the event. Some are assigned to kitchen and started already to cook a trial experience of how the evening will be like. Others started with the service meetings to rehearse all of the techniques for a 5 course meal to provide the best service possible. Students have also started rehearsing the preparation of drinks. The decoration, marketing, and sales have been assigned to other students, as is my case, and I have started to organize the entertainment for that evening. It has been fun to organize acting sketches with my classmates. The idea of this theme is for guests to be entertained by finding out who committed a crime in the restaurant! In this case, who killed the chef!

Video of the rehearsal of the acting 

The clues are given by actors following a script written according to the food that is being served, the dances performed and all of the acting happening throughout the dinner. It is an interesting project, as it’s not only a simple dinner! A lot more effort is required to entertain our guests… I wanted to share with you some of the rehearsals in Market Place (the most popular restaurant at the school where students eat) that is usually the place where these events take place each year. It has been a lot of hard work, but also fun, to act and dance to a song that corresponded to the theme.

In the acting, I was performing the role of a waitress that was there during the “murder of the chef” and who becomes also a suspect along with other waiters and waitresses. I also prepared the choreography for the song Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson which met the theme and the acting and I did it with the collaboration of other students from the school. Thanks to all of you who helped in the preparation of this event. In my next blog, I will share with you some pictures of this wonderful evening that will certainly turn out to be a success!
Video of the rehearsal of the dance:


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