Cultural Night

23 Nov 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


The Cultural Night in Les Roches is one of the most important events of the semester. All of the students become part of this night by participating in the preparations, attending the shows and running the stands areas in the main building. During this night, visitors, alumni and staff get to experience an amazing international ambiance that is created by the efforts of all of the students in all the programs.

During this night, we have two parts. First, there is the show where students perform typical or traditional dances from their home countries. The school encourages the students to make this show the best they can and to rehearse before the final presentation.

This time, we had students from China, Korea, Thailand, Mexico, India and many more who performed for everyone and showed their dancing and entertainment talents.

In the following link I have compiled some of the best bits of the dancing shown of Cultural night:

Pamela Calvas


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