Consultancy in Wedding Planning – That’s New!

25 Jun 2013 | by Elie


After roaming a big part of the world and working for many great hotel chains in their critical phase of the Opening; I came to a conclusion: If I made these businesses flourish, why can’t I make my own?

Boxes packed, paintings given away, car sold: I am moving out of Dubai and back to Beirut!

It didn’t take much thinking this process inside out as I always knew that I would like to live in Lebanon and open my business in Wedding Planning.

Wedding Planning? Boring!

Let me be more interesting and, surely, very innovative. Funny enough, I ran into my friend Nathalie Issa, an icon for elegance, a classmate from high school in Lebanon that I haven’t seen for ages and we got in that talk: Where are you now?

This is when she told me that she became an Image Consultant: I almost fell off my chair!

‘Eureka’ the idea came to my mind: Why don’t I add an Image Consultancy to the bride and groom so we can work on making them look their best on such a day? Nathalie agreed and we started!

Soon enough I started adding more consultants to the team:

  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Esthetic Doctor
  • Hollywood Specialist
  • Personal  Trainer
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Dietitian
  • Sexologist
  • Couple’s Psychotherapist
  • Food and Beverage Consultant
  • Decorator
  • Interior Designer

Now we are a team of 12 consultants, based in Lebanon with representatives in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France and Switzerland.

Why am I sharing this with you? It is simply because I strongly believed in my studies and myself as a passionate professional Hotelier and always knew that I would not want to work for someone else forever, I decided to open my business and now, finally, I am independent and not desperately waiting for a promotion.

I will be sharing more blogs with you in the near future to tell you more about some secrets in our business.

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