Les Roches Hospitality Bachelor degree Mikhail TedX practical learning

Close to the end, but just the beginning

24 Nov 2015 | by Mikhail Merican


Can it ever get better than this? Now that we have just 3 weeks left in semester 1 here at Les Roches, perhaps it’s fair to say that plenty has changed since my last blog. As close as we are to a family, we’ve recently just said farewell to one of our comrades who in February will move to another university.

As surprising as it may sound, there are some in this batch that has confessed that they don’t really like staying here. The Swiss Alps are not made for everybody and that’s what makes the student community so special here. It’s unfortunate that we are going to bid farewell to two more students later this semester. However, since we are family and our bond of friendship and fellowship has brought us this close, I know that they will never forget their experience here at Les Roches.

As we move towards the winter break everyone has been longing for, I believe that being on the BBA program has truly been a worthwhile experience. The practical rotation at Le Tacot restaurant and Café Du Village was by far the best experience yet. Having to work with my partners in crime (S2C), and as well as the awesome and experienced lecturers of the 3 Tacot lunch, dinner and CDV, has truly enlightened me in terms of F&B and service-related knowledge.

Les Roches Hospitality Bachelor degree Mikhail TedX practical learning
Mikhail and his ‘partners in crime’ outside Le Tacot

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we felt at home working in these three places.

On top of that, we had a motherly professor who always looked out for us at CDV, (always asking us “What you’re gonna do about it?”), an experienced, fierce but professional force in Tacot lunch, and the coolest and nicest wine expert in Tacot dinner. Combine all three weeks and I can ensure you that we have truly been inspired by the stories and lessons learnt during this rotation.

Les Roches Hospitality Bachelor degree Mikhail TedX practical learning
…And inside the CDV

Outside the class this past October was a busy but memorable month indeed. Starting off with the inaugural TEDx that came to Les Roches! This experience was indeed one that touched my heart. Why? Evangeline Marie Hayco, a fellow Filipina like me and a Les Roches alumni. She shared her experience with Les Roches about the relief efforts she carried out for the victims of typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Why did this touch me? Because she, and thousands of Filipinos around the world, decided to help the people and children of Tacloban who were devastated by this super cyclone that wiped out homes, buildings, churches and lives.

Les Roches Hospitality Bachelor degree Mikhail TedX practical learning
Mikhail and Evangeline at the TedX Conference

It was a true blessing to meet her and to know what she felt like because my mother back home was also like her. Together with World Vision Malaysia, my mom and my family helped raise funds for a relief and recovery project in Tacloban, Philippines. Truly, meeting Evangeline was somehow something special. We know that our roots are strong; I am proud to be Pinoy.

In summary, the emotions over the past month have been mixed. But all is well here in the Les Roches family.

Mikhail Merican


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