9 Sep 2013 | by raksha


Change is a scary word. It is not uncommon to find anxiety and panic knocking on your door during major transitions in your life.

I come from Dubai, a metropolis lined with concrete and glass buildings. But when I moved to Valais, I did not realize that all my reflective walls would go away with it.

The road to nowhere

carThe 2 hour drive from Geneva airport to Valais was a dream. Thanks to the Les Roches Bazaar Facebook page, a closed student group that Les Roches adds you into, my husband and I were able to lease a brand new car for four months at a decent rate and all we needed was an international driving license.

The sights and scenes looked like they were handpicked from a postcard. It was only when I was closing into my new home in Mollens that I realized I was going to be living deep within a forest, 1200 feet above sea level.

What most people don’t realize is that Google maps can be deceiving when it comes to distances. When I saw that the campus was about 10 minutes by car from Mollens, I imagined a flat plane. In reality, you are going higher up on a mountain.

Silent hill
The one thing people expect from Switzerland is beauty, but the shock factor is the silence in the air. It is rare to hear sound and when you do, it is of kids echoing a few lanes down the village. This serene mountain also has a law of no noise after 10 pm, which is starkly different from what I have experienced in my noisy city experience. Strangely, the silence was not frightening. It was refreshingly soothing. My initial anxiety was very soon replaced with awe and excitement.

bazaarThe Les Roches New Student Facebook page (another helpful closed new student group) helped me with getting in touch with other PGD students who had arrived early to Switzerland. Soon enough, I got together with two students and was able to grab dinner out in the beautiful city of Montana.

Even before I entered Les Roches, I sensed that with its very active Facebook pages Les Roches was able to help students connect with people and provide solutions to problems they probably face frequently. Les Roches was definitely the helping hand I needed to look forward to my new life in the Valais.



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