Les Roches Cultural Night 2018

Celebrating diversity at the 77th Les Roches Cultural Night

4 Jan 2019 | by Les Roches


After the studies are over for the day, there is always lots going at Les Roches. From Career Days and guest speakers, to sporting events and day trips, student life is rich and varied, but one occasion in particular is anticipated more than the rest. Cultural Night has been a part of the Les Roches events calendar for almost 40 years, and October saw the 77th occurrence take place.

With 100 nationalities represented on-campus, our school is a truly diverse and multicultural environment. Cultural Night, which takes place twice a year, is the celebration of this, bringing together traditions, food and music from around the world to be experienced and enjoyed. It is a night of fun, but there is some learning too! Students discover cultures and get to socialize with a world of like-minded friends.

Bringing culture to life

The night is an opportunity for students to share their heritage, feel proud of their patriotism and also be open to different perspectives, traditions and cultures. This is brought to life on the night through performances, music, clothing and art, with this semester’s theme being ‘Through the Decades’, celebrating culture from the sixties to the noughties.

This year, 7 countries were represented on stage, with traditional dances from home countries on display. Rehearsals are a big part of the build up, this year the students were able to run through their show on the Friday, with stage rehearsals on Saturday morning, and filming starting in the afternoon, just two hours before the doors opened!

Food, fun and photobooths

On the night there were 10 food stands, 6 bars, a gaming area, dancefloor, music stage, VIP lounge, red carpet photobooth and even a hair and make up stand to help students, and staff, perfect their period look. Props were also available to buy, in the form of retro sunglasses, bandanas and glow sticks to make those photos even more insta-worthy.

At the end of the night, awards were given to the best countries in each category:

  • Best Performance: 1. Indonesia 2. India 3. Thailand
  • Best Costume – Performance: 1. Indonesia 2. India & Kazakhstan 3. Thailand
  • Crowds Favourite – Performance: India
  • Best Food: 1. Japan 2. China & France 3. Philippines & Taiwan
  • Best Food Stand Decoration: 1. Japan & Indonesia 2. Taiwan & France 3.Kazakhstan
  • Crowds Favourite – Food: Thailand

The evening was a brilliant success and, as always, proved to be a great opportunity for students old and new to experience the Les Roches Way of Life.

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