Becoming a campus leader: what’s the role of the Student Governance Association President?

17 May 2019 | by editor


Final semester BBA student Diana Xing Wang is President of Les Roches’ Student Governance Association (SGA) . Here she tells us what it means to lead the school’s most important student group.

Diana-Wang-Xing-02“When I came to Les Roches Bluche I immediately sensed this special atmosphere – it feels like a family. We are all here together in this little village on the Swiss Alps with the most gorgeous views and a close proximity to everything.

“However, as Les Roches is not like a city university with a lot of activities and socializing space, we have cultivated a community among ourselves and tend to stick together.

Our role in the SGA is to do what we can to enhance the student experience. This includes creating a platform for students to voice their thoughts, to be treated fairly and in accordance with our values as a school, and to have an interesting yet fun non-academic life.

“I was elected President of the SGA towards the end of my previous semester. Now, during my last semester, I get to use this opportunity to serve my peers.

“The role of President is definitely more than I anticipated! Some of my responsibilities include being the middle person between the student body and management, representing the community during Open Days or when we have guests on campus. And of course, ensuring that the SGA is running smoothly and in the direction of our goal for mutual success.

Soft skills, time management and emotional intelligence

This role has provided me the opportunity to really develop my soft skills. With adding Presidential responsibilities to my daily life, I have found that time management is highly important, as my academic and personal life are important to me. I have also noticed that through the increase of interaction between both students and faculty my emotional intelligence is further developing.

“With such a diverse student body and with its strong and outspoken views, conflict resolution is another skill that I am gaining valuable experience of. In this role I have the responsibility of finding an equilibrium between students and management in order to have everyone on the same page. Learning this here will be very beneficial to me when entering the working world.

“We are still very much evolving as a group. The SGA is only a year-and-a-half old, and there’s a lot we can do to develop our platform. I’m pushing to build on the trust and support we already have from management, so we can become even more powerful agents of change. Every semester we’ll get stronger and be able to give more to the students.

“As these are my final months in Les Roches, with my graduation coming up in June, I want to use this time to do as much as I can before I leave. My experience here has been absolutely amazing and I want to be able to make changes that will only enhance the experiences of those continuing or joining their journey at Les Roches.

“This is what I tell my team at the SGA all the time – it’s a legacy we should aim to leave behind; one which the students who take our places will feel inspired to continue.”

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